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What are your responsibilities as best man

So your best mate has finally decided to settle down and get married and has asked you to be his best man, congratulations! It wasn't a major surprise really though, was it? Who else could he have possibly chosen other than you, his best friend and wingman?

The best man is an important role, one which you should take very seriously. But what exactly are your responsibilities in the run up to the big day?

Planning the Stag party

When someone thinks of the best man's responsibilities, the first thing that comes to mind is the stag do! You'll be in charge of gathering together the groom-to-be's best mates and organising the ultimate send off for your soon-to-be married friend! Don't worry though, Stag.com can help you make sure it'll be one to remember!

Help the groom choose his suit

When it comes to wedding preparations, people get so obsessed with the bride's dress they often forget that the groom wants to look good too! It's up to you to keep the groom company when suit shopping and help him pick the perfect outfit.

Keep the groom calm and happy

When the big day finally arrives, you need to be with the groom as early as possible and get him anything he needs. Have breakfast with him, chat to him while he gets ready, anything to calm his nerves and keep him happy. Just make sure he doesn't do a runner!

Hold on to the ring

The best man is also responsible for keeping hold of the wedding ring until the appropriate time during the ceremony. Make sure you keep it safe and secure, or all hell could break loose!

Make a speech during the reception

Most of your responsibilities as best man involve you being on the side-lines, supporting the groom and bride, but not this one. When it comes time to make your best man speech, all eyes will suddenly be on you!

Back to articles Date Posted: Tuesday 20th January 2015 Author: Jim Alexander