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Weekday Worldies 1st June

The bank holiday blues are still here. It's the 1 June and the weather feels more akin to winter than summer! We can't change the weather, but we can bring you five beautiful women to brighten up your afternoon.


Rachel Cook instantly catches the eye. The 21-year-old from Washington is assigned to three modelling agencies, and her demand is high! With already over half-a-million followers, those numbers will only soar as Rachel's exposure increases.


You don't win Miss USA and Miss Universe without being stunning. Olivia Culpo was crowned both in 2012, but is still just as pleasing on the eye four years later. The actress and model recently dated Nick Jonas, but the pair broke up in 2015. 'What a shame' we hear you all cry...


London-based model Katja Zwara is a real find! With that long blonde hair and big blue eyes, you could be mistaken for thinking that Katja is in line to be the next Bond girl. Katja originates from Poland, and the surprising thing is that she only has 20,000 followers on instagram. We might start a petition to improve those numbers!


Indonesian and Czechoslovakian is not a combination of nationalities you would come across too often. That is Vivian Kindle's dual heritage - and we certainly approve. Vivian features on MTV2's 'Wild n Out'. Now, we've never heard of the programme and don't know whether we would like it, but I think Vivian gives us all enough reason to give one episode a go.


If curves are your thing, then look no further. In fact - you'll probably never need to look anywhere else again! Ines Helen initially came over to London from her native Sweden to study finance, but her curves became so adored that she has taken time away from her studies to build her profile. Ines, if you need any help, we'd be more than happy to assist you!

Image credits: Google, Twitter

Back to articles Date Posted: Wednesday 1st June 2016 Author: George Crewe