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Unusual Stag Do Ideas

Been on one too many 'beer and boobies' stag dos? There's always room for a bellyful of ale and a hot chick shaking her booty at you, but you don't have to do it every time. We've been looking at some more unusual stag do ideas recently. Let us know what you think our choices!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms rule. They're like real-life versions of spooky computer games, and are definitely up there on the list of more unusual stag do ideas. Think Resident Evil crossed with Professor Layton, or Tomb Raider vs Amnesia. Basically, we're talking the most elaborate Crystal Maze problem you've ever seen, in a film-set-quality room that locks you in and won't let you out until you solve all the puzzles.

Some escape rooms are straightforward 'find the key and leave' affairs: others are complex and/or terrifying. You could be building a machine, trying to decipher ancient symbols, or exploring a crypt. The best ones have sound effects, special effects, even actors to keep the illusion going.

Usually, you've got an hour to break out - if you don't, the zombie apocalypse happens, or a biological weapon goes off, or some other movie-style event occurs. Just make sure you know what you're getting into before you book (especially if you've got older relatives taking part) - I've seen escape rooms in Eastern Europe where people are very convincingly murdered if you don't break out in time!

Track Days

Think you've seen a track day before? We're not talking about karting here, boys. As far as unusual stag do ideas go, this one's a winner for the petrol-heads out there.

A proper track day sees you meet up with a race team, get a behind the scenes tour of their pit lane and garage, get team kit for the stag to wear, and watch the cars get put through their paces. You even get up close and personal with the mean machines, when they're in the garage before qualifiers. Sit in a racing A4, ask the mechanics endless questions about limiters and top speeds, and crack open a bottle with the staff!

If you fancy a track day, we can sort you out. You'll need to be flexible on dates, to coincide with qualifiers.

It's a Knockout

Fancy pitting your stags against groups of feisty hens in a foam-filled battle of the sexes? It's a Knockout is one of the most unusual stag do ideas I know of. It's also one of the most fun.

The format's the same as the cult BBC TV game show: you get dressed up in wacky outfits, and try to outwit your opponents in a series of inflatable or costume games. The difference between ours and everyone else's (poor) imitation is the authenticity of the kit. If you want the ultimate retro theming, you can only get it with Off Limits. We use the actual Penguin Pursuit, Wacky Waiters and Fee Fi Fo Fall giant costumes, plus all the other gear is the real deal too.

We run It's a Knockout every Saturday throughout the stag do season, in venues all over the UK. We've got a Knockout that we do in Barcelona too.

You don't need much in the way of experience to play It's a Knockout - but you do need a really stupid team name, and a willingness to get foamed!

Back to articles Date Posted: Thursday 12th November 2015 Author: Jason England