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Travelling abroad for the stag party? Keep these things in mind

The objective of a stag party is pretty straightforward, to have as much fun as you can, before the lovely bride steals your mate away for good. While the traditions of the celebration remain pretty much unchanged, stag parties have evolved in terms of destinations.

Thanks to dirt cheap flight tickets, stag groups are now flocking to far away destinations across the globe, in order to make their celebrations even more epic. While the idea is certainly a great one, travelling to an unknown country comes with its risks.

Even though it is expected that everyone shall let loose on the stag do, there are a few things to be kept in mind when travelling to an abroad destination for a stag party. After all, you wouldn’t want to do something to jeopardise your best mates final weekend of singledom. Keep the following things in mind to ensure you and your mates have a gala time, without landing into (too much) trouble:


Before you leave for your stag adventure, there are certain things that need to be in order, and travel insurance tops the list. While it is also strongly advisable to carry your Free European Health Insurance Card, carrying additional travel insurance is a mandate. It is also important to ensure your insurance covers any and all adventure activities that you will be participating in.

Similarly, it is not only important to carry your passport, but also carry a few photocopies of the same. Additionally, it is also a good idea to research and determine the location of the UK embassy in the country you are visiting.

Remember the way back to your hotel

While this might seem highly unlikely, it is entirely possible to not find your way back to the hotel once you’ve completed a bar crawl and downed 15 beers. While this might seem like a funny mishap right now, being drunk and helpless in a foreign land makes you vulnerable to the negative elements of society.

The best way to prevent such a situation is to always carry a business card of the hotel with you. If that isn’t possible, we recommend jotting down the address on paper and shoving it inside your wallet before heading out for an alcohol binge. This way, you can easily find your way, or show the address to the taxi driver to ensure you get back to the hotel safely.

ALWAYS carry cash

This is the most common problem stag groups run into in foreign destinations. The reason is simple, since in most cases, the bookings are done in advance, most people don’t bother themselves with the trouble of carrying cash.

While it is true that carrying a lot of cash in a foreign country can be dangerous, having no cash is equally problematic. After all, you don’t want your party to come to a stop because an ATM wasn’t working.

Do not get into trouble with the locals

This one is quite obvious. Make sure that even when you’re completely hammered, you never ever get yourself, or any other member of your group into trouble. Think about how you would feel if some outsiders came to your city and started making trouble, and how badly it would end for them.


Too many rules may make the stag do a little too boring. For this reason, you are free to have all the fun you can, but within reason. Make sure you and the rest of the group reaches back home safely, and without any kind of criminal charges hanging over their heads!

Back to articles Date Posted: Friday 10th August 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil