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Top drinking games for stag parties

Gents! Time to get on it. If these bad boys don't ruin your ability to talk to naked chicks by the end of the evening, you're a legend in your own lunchtime. Get ready for anarchy, hedonism, and quite probably being thrown out of nightclubs. These are the drinking games your momma wouldn't tell you about when you were small...

Drink While you Think

Still the daddy after umpteen years at the top, the alcoholic's version of The Name Game is like an AK-47 filled with Special Brew: absolutely, positively guaranteed to kill every mother f@8ker in the room. You'll need a full beer each for this one, and you've got to refill every time you empty so take your stations near the bar.

It's simple enough: the first person serves the name of a famous person, and the next in line has to come up with another famous name, whose first name begins with the first letter of the surname in the name just played. Like this: Kurt Cobain, Charlize Theron. Only you have to be continually downing your drink the whole time you're thinking of the name you're going to say.

With extra forfeits for doubling up on names, and the ability to switch the direction of play every time you get a first name and surname starting with the same letters (Charlie Chaplin, Chevy Chase), no-one's ever lasted longer than half an hour. You have been warned!

Sip or Strip

It's right there in the title, people. Sip or Strip has been getting stag parties all naked and stuff since forever. In fact, according to dodgy 70s board game manufacturer Pass-Out Games, it's been going ever since swinging perv Frank Bresee invented a version of Monopoly that involved getting all the ladies to take their clothes off. Awesome.

The modern version of Sip or Strip is so easy even a seriously hammered stag can get the hang of it. You toss a coin, and the bloke in play calls it. He gets it right, he passes the coin to the next player. He gets it wrong, he either does a shot or takes off an item of clothing. Find a hen party or some local lasses to get in on the action for a proper winner!

The Hundred Club

The hard man's variation of pub staple Power Hour (where you take one shot of beer every minute for an hour). You'll need a stopwatch, 100 minutes and a shitload of beer. The rest is pretty self explanatory. For the uninitiated, there are just over 22 shots in a pint, so make the beer strong. Which, if you're having your stag do in Europe, it will be!

Beer Pong

The most elaborate drinking game of all time requires a playing surface (usually a very big bar table or a table tennis table), a besquillion pints and two teams of epic drinkers. And a ping pong ball.

The rules are simple. Pints are arranged in two triangle formations, with the point of each triangle aimed at the opposing team. One team attempts to throw the ball into one of the opposition's pints. If they make the shot, the pint is downed. The winning team is the one to clear all of the opposition pints first. The drunker you get, the harder it is to aim: so the losing team tends to stay losing!

Think you're man enough to take on these legendary beasts? Got favourite drinking games of your own? Let us know!

Please drink responsibly!!

Back to articles Date Posted: Thursday 24th April 2014 Author: Jim Alexander