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Top 10 Stag Do Activities In 2015

We're always being asked what the top stag activities are. Here are our current top 10 favourites. You'll need at least three stag dos just to get them all done!

1: Driving supercars in the jungle

In Cancun, stag activities are on another level. Fancy driving a Ferrari into the jungle to discover a ruined Mayan city? Thought you might...

2: Jumping off a cliff

Cliff jumping is one of the all-time great stag activities. It's terrifying, it's cheap, and you only have to do it if you're getting married. The rest of you can stand around and mock the big man while he leaps to his doom!

3: Strip shows

You can't have a list of stag activities without mentioning naked ladies. The classic strip shows the most ubiquitous, and therefore the highest on our list. Look out for saucier versions, erm, lower down...

4: Guided bar crawl

Doesn't matter where you go: beer is an important entry on the stag activities list! A guided bar crawl guarantees you get the best of your chosen destination, and with local knowledge on your side you'll find a few good clubs too.

5: It's a Knockout

Call us biased, but we love this one. Our clients do too. The feedback we get most regularly is that It's a Knockout is one of the funniest and most memorable stag activities they've ever done.

6: Erotic massage

Hey, what happens in Eastern Europe stays in Eastern Europe! In a few limited destinations, stag activities include saucy massages with an actual happy ending. And it's all completely legal, too. Awesome.

7: Turkish baths

Been out on the lash? Of course you have! Fortunately, Turkish baths are available in more places than just Turkey. The best hangover cure known to stag and a big hit in the office, Turkish baths easily make it into our stag activities top 10.

8: Skydiving

You don't get the opportunity to chuck your best mate out of a plane often enough. Take advantage on his stag do. This is one of those stag activities that's all about enjoying another man's fear.

9: Jelly wrestling

Giggity, There's nothing like a spot of jelly wrestling when you're digesting your stag do meal. Chuck him in the ring with naked chicks covered in goo. He'll love it, and so will you. One of our favourite after-dinner stag activities, ever.

10: Paintball

Paintball will always be on our list of top stag activities. Why? Because it rocks. Where else can you shoot the big man and not go to prison? Sir yessir!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 18th January 2016 Author: Jason England