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Top 10 Stag Activities

Choosing the right activities can turn a bog standard stag weekend into an epic bash! Whether you're looking for beer and boobs, or something a little bit different, we've got 10 stag activities that will transform your weekend into the stuff of legend.

1. Airsoft

Paintball without the bruises. Airsoft uses BBs like the ones you probably bought on the Skegness market, to give you a legendary shooting game without taking one in the wedding tackle. Unleash the soldier in every one of the lads!

2. Lesbian Dinner Party

Good food, plenty of beer and two hot girls getting freaky with each other. The lesbian dinner party makes for an epic stag party, leaving a lasting memory for you all to cherish (and not tell the Mrs about)!

3. It's a Knockout

Ready for a hilarious day with the lads? Prepare for the most fun a man can have with foam, water and inflatables! Available through the spring/summer months. This bonkers event will see you all team up and face off against other stag and hen parties in a big battle of the sexes.

4. Paintballing

One of the classic stag activities. Ask any lad what he would do to send the stag off in style, and chances are paintballing is on his list somewhere! However, we do something special by holding battles in everything from old factories in Warsaw to an ex-Soviet Army base. You couldn't ask for an authentic shoot 'em up experience.

5. Bubble Football

Five-a-side, but not quite as you know it! Bubble football is brilliant for banter with the lads, having you play the beautiful game with your head and torso inside a giant inflatable ball. Stag activities don't get any madder.

6. Totally Wiped Out

What happens when you combine It's a Knockout with Total Wipeout, then add a hint of Gladiators? You get Totally Wiped Out: one of the craziest, funniest stag activities out there. We dare you to take on the spinning sweeper arm!

7. Grand Prix Karting

Unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton with grand prix karting at Europe's biggest venues! Stay sharp and keep an eye out for any opportunities to overtake. You don't want to be branded 'Captain Slow' when the dust settles.

8. Escapologic

Ready for a stag do activity like no other? Welcome to Escapologic: the best escape rooms in the country! Your stag party has just one hour to find their way out of a locked and fantastically themed room. Explore the eerie medieval chambers of Cryptic, or rescue a priceless chemical sample in the aftermath of an earthquake in E.P.I Centre. Challenge yourself to escape in time.

9. Shooting range

No stag activities come close to the rush you get from brushing up your marksmanship skills at the shooting range. Grab the lads for classic target shooting with some of the most famous guns in the world.

10. Bar, Club and Lapdance

A no-brainer to make sure the big man has a proper belter of a stag do! Get a good buzz in the bar, smash it in the club, and get free entry into a lapdance club for two consecutive nights.

Back to articles Date Posted: Wednesday 2nd December 2015 Author: Jason England