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The Stagcom Spring Bank Holiday Round Up

Spent the second May bank holiday weekend in a beer garden? Excellent choice! Here's some stuff you may have missed...

Nico Rosberg Won the Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton saw what looked like a sure win slip through his fingers as team mate Rosberg stormed to victory after Mercedes dropped a clanger and decided to pit Hamilton under the safety car in the final stages of the race. This allowed Rosberg and Vettel to get ahead. Hamilton secured third place behind Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

Rosberg said: 'Lewis did a great job and deserved to win - I'm very well aware of that. I feel for him because it's such a horrible way to lose.

'On the other hand, a win is a win. Luck is such a big factor in sport.'

Could this spark an epic F1 rivalry to match that of Prost and Senna?

Source: BBC Sport.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Production Bike Beats a Bugatti Veyron

Kawasaki's 300-horsepower, four-cylinder behemoth was declared the world's fastest production bike after it flew past the Bugatti Veyron - 194.5mph to 180mph - in a drag race. It also trounced a GT-R and the McLaren MP4-12C.


Source: LADBible

Lad Sets World Record on Homemade Hoverboard

Another day, another step closer to the Back to the Future hoverboard! Canadian lad Catalin Alexandru Duru got bored of waiting and decided to make his own, jumped on it and travelled 50m across Lake Oureau in Quebec at an amazing height of 275.9m.


Source: Unilad

Universal Releases New Trailer for Jurassic World

Tons of new stuff.


CharlieCharlieChallenge Goes Viral on Twitter

It's basically a ouija board but with actual pencils and real paper. Remember? That stuff we all used to use before the internet and smartphones came along? Well, apparently shedloads of teenagers have been trying to summon a Mexican demon called Charlie, and then plastering the results all over social media. Simply make a cross out of two pencils, place them on a piece of paper, write 'yes' and 'no' in the boxes, summon Charlie and then ask him stuff. As it's mostly teenagers who are having a go, Charlie has been asked some REALLY important questions, like: Which member of 1D will I marry?

Thanks to said teens, poor old Charlie is now the laughing stock of the demon world.

Back to articles Date Posted: Tuesday 26th May 2015 Author: Jim Alexander