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The Stagcom Monday 8th June Roundup

Fifa, Formula 1, the Goonies turns 30, a Star Wars nightclub and a Shawshank-style prison break. Welcome to Monday morning, folks!

Secret Cinema Launches a Pop Up Star Wars Nightclub

It's called RebelX Cantina and it's geek-tastic. In true Secret Cinema style, the exact location of the London pop up club night is top secret until the last minute. It's like a speakeasy, only for Rebels, Siths and Jedis. Anyone who's ever fantasised about drinking in the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star War Episode IV: A New Hope, can now live the dream. There's a Jawa on the door and THAT song plays all the time. Oh, and you'll need to leave all phones and whatnot at the door. Yes, really.

Sources: Metro, Huffington Post.

Lewis Hamilton Wins Canadian Grand Prix

Hamilton easily triumphed in Montreal at the weekend, despite pressure from Mercedes team driver Rosberg after their pit stops. His win went some way to compensating for his loss to Rosberg in Monaco a few weeks back:

'Did I need this? I think so.'

Rosberg secured second place, with Williams driver Valtterri Bottas in third. This is Hamilton's fourth win of 2015 and it's extended his driver lead to 17 points.

Sources: BBC Sport, Telegraph.

Fifa Bribery Scandal Email Surfaces

It was a dramatic weekend in the football world. Barcelona celebrated winning the Champions League but Sepp Blatter was probably crying into his cornflakes. According to the Telegraph, an email has surfaced which indicates the Fifa boss and the South African President Thabo Mbeki actually discussed the $10million payment alleged to be at the centre of the 2010 World Cup bid scandal.

You can see the email here

Sources: BBC Sport, Telegraph

The Goonies Turns 30

Yep, the truffle shuffle is officially 30 years old! This prompted a bunch of 'Where Are They Now?' features of the cast. Jeff Cohen (aka 'Chunk') shed his puppy fat and is now an entertainment lawyer. Corey Feldman ('Mouth') went on to star in cult flicks The Lost Boys and Stand By Me. Josh Brolin ('Brand') has done very well for himself, starring in No Country for Old Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sean Astin ('Mikey') became Sam in The Lord of the Rings, and Martha Plimpton ('Stef') went on to win an Emmy for her performance as scheming lawyer Patti in The Good Wife.

Two Guys Pull a Shawshank-Style Prison Break

Two prisoners have reportedly pulled off a prison break in New York that bears an uncanny resemblance to the one off the film The Shawshank Redemption, starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. In the film, Robbins' character Andy carves a hole using a rock hammer and covers it with a poster of Marilyn Monroe. Convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat apparently used power tools to get through a steel wall and went through tunnels that led to a man hole outside. It's the first time anyone has escaped from a maximum security prison since 1865! They duo are still at large.

Source: LADbible, Guardian, Independent

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 8th June 2015 Author: Jim Alexander