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The Stagcom Monday 3rd August Roundup

Britain isn't sunny enough

Ever suspected Britain just isn't a very nice country, weather wise? Well, now you've got the backing of actual scientists. The UK's top nutritional boffins have just advised the government that wintry levels of sun mean we all lack vital vitamin D.

The eggheads reckon the only solution is to fortify common foods (like bread) with the magic ingredient. I say it's time to emigrate to Spain. Who wants fish and chips in a force 10 hurricane, when you could be eating paella in the sun?

How to get the Foo Fighters to play your town

What do you get when you take 250 drummers, 750 assorted guitarists and singers, and an Italian bloke who really, really likes the Foo Fighters? The best band love letter ever. Fabio Zaffagnini, the man behind the madness, arranged 1,000 musicians in a field and orchestrated the biggest, boldest and downright awesomest cover version of anything in history. Check them out playing 'Learn to Fly' right here:

And if that doesn't give you goosebumps, nothing will.

Dave Grohl said yes, by the way. I'm going to make a Vine of me playing 'I Should Have Known' on the recorder and see if the chaps will come do my brother's wedding.

Americans proved to suck

Ever heard of HitchBOT? It is, or was, the coolest thing ever to stick its thumb out and catch a ride. An autonomous hitchhiking robot, which could carry out basic conversation and even Tweeted and Instagrammed its travels, HitchBOT was designed by students and teaching staff at the University of Toronto. It safely and successfully hitchhiked across Canada, the Netherlands and Germany.

Two days into its US trip, someone killed it. You suck, America.

Note: not all Americans suck, obviously. But the unknown dudes who did that to an innocent robot? Hang your heads in shame. You are now the most hated people in the nerd-verse.

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 3rd August 2015 Author: Jim Alexander