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The Stagcom Monday 30th March roundup

Spent the weekend sleeping? Don't worry! Our trusty newshounds have been digging out the good stuff for your Monday coffee break. Work can wait...


The latest Bond movie is coming, and this weekend saw the Spectre teaser trailer step into the limelight. And guess what? It looks awesome.

Set in the world of Skyfall, Spectre's all about Bond's hidden past. Looks like he's travelling to Austria, Morocco, Mexico and Italy in pursuit of a shadowy organisation. But you can bet however hairy things get, he'll still be rocking the best cuff adjustment in the room.

For now, we'll leave the tension-building to the lovely new Moneypenny.

'You've got a secret. Something you can't tell anyone, because you don't trust anyone.'

Awesome. Like Bond, we'll be back when we know more. Like a release date...


Turns out Barack Obama isn't just the leader of the free world. He's also a massive fan of The Wire. So much so that he jumped at the chance to interview ex-homicide cop and writer David Simon, the show's creator, about drug crime.

As usual, Simon tells it like it is. And Obama reveals that Omar is his favourite character. What a badass.


Oh dear. Turns out the saucy dating app of choice for chaps looking to get busy isn't as secure as it says it is. Tinder's epic fail was highlighted this weekend, when BBC News revealed how easy it had been for a developer to prank the system.

The anonymous hacker, who says he met his own girlfriend on Tinder, created fake female profiles to bait men into flirting. The twist? He then used his fake profiles as a relay device to send the men's comments to each other. The guys were flirting amongst themselves.

The hacker, who was named by theverge.com as 'Patrick', originally created his program to expose the 'sometimes harassing' behaviour of men on Tinder. Instead, he revealed an epic flaw in the dating app's ability to keep user data secure. Oops!


Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin has gone off script for Season 5 of the acclaimed fantasy epic. The author revealed recently that characters who stay alive in the books are going to kick the bucket in the TV show.

In a programme already famous for killing off major characters, that's really put the cat among the pigeons. Time to start searching for on-screen clues as to who's going down next. If you can take your eyes off all the boobies, that is...

Game of Thrones Season 5 starts on April 12, on HBO and April 13 on Sky Atlantic.

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 30th March 2015 Author: Jim Alexander