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The Stagcom Monday 25th April roundup

This Week:

Mary Berry Gets on FHM 100 Sexiest Women List

Say what...? Apparently it started off as a bit of lighthearted banter, but then the votes started to rack up and before you could say 'soggy bottom', 80 year-old Great British Bake Off host Berry had blazed a trail to No.73, beating the likes of J-Lo. The results will be revealed on April 29. Ooer missis.

Mobility Scooter racing

Forget quad bikes and Rage buggies, the mobility scooter is the chariot of choice for the discerning petrol head. According to the BBC, grease monkeys are now pimping up the granny chariots for racing and even record attempts. Colin Furze of Leicestershire is the face of mobility scooter racing. He stuck a 125cc motocross bike engine in one and holds the current land speed record of 71.59mph. Watch your back Lewis Hamilton! Top Gear has a lot to answer for.


Apple Watch is here

The fruit-based tech company have finally released their long-awaited smartwatch. A bog standard Apple Watch will set you back a couple of hundred quid: a Watch Edition with a 42mm 18-carat Rose Gold case will burn a £9.5k hole in your bank account. Ouch.

So is it worth it? Well, tech reviewers reckon the watch is the best bit of wearable smart kit yet. Android's wearable OS is scrambling to catch up. The rival software has already upgraded itself to enable hand-drawn emojis. Apple's device is the only one to use haptic feedback (vibrations on your wrist) to let you know when stuff's going on.

So are you after one? With current shipments way less than demand, you won't find the Watch in Apple Stores for a while yet. The clock is still ticking...


Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 27th April 2015 Author: Jim Alexander