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The Stagcom Monday 1st June Roundup

All the really, mind-bogglingly important stuff that happened over the weekend, right here.

Arsenal Won the FA Cup Final

The Gunners beat Aston Villa 4-0 at Wembley on Saturday and won the FA Cup final. But while the boys were spraying the champers and holding the cup aloft Arsene Wenger was already talking about team cohesion, consistency, and going up against Chelsea to win the Premier League next season. Some say Wenger is obsessed with cohesion and the idea that new signings could upset the applecart. He's revealed that signing Gareth Bale or Paul Pogba is 'beyond him'.

Wenger said: 'Of course I think we can push on, why not? I feel we have made progress since the start of the season in the way we play, the way we manage our games and in our certainty about football.'

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, BBC Sport.

Student Flat in Sheffield Declared Britain's Filthiest

Ok, so uni flats don't exactly sparkle but every so often, students do get the bleach out. Not in the flat that's been dubbed the 'Sheffield sh*t hole. The tenants are actually cultivating the dirt and are proud of it.

'We get a lot of compliments about the way the TV is mounted on a beer keg.'

'When my sister comes to visit she refused to go in the kitchen - it is a risky business to go in there without shoes on.'

'I'm pretty sure we're not getting our deposits back.' Probably not.

They use post as plates, the floor as a bin, and have only ever washed up once because 'some d*ckhead p*ssed in our sink.'

Source: LADBible, Sheffield Tab.

Khan Beats Algieri then Challenges Mayweather... Again

Boxers are notorious for having balls of steel and being a bit cocky, but you've got to hand it to Amir Khan. The Brit beat America's Chris Algieri in a welterweight bout, 31-3, marking his fifth consecutive win. But before the sweat had a chance to dry, he was calling out Mayweather in the ring:

'Amir Khan wants to fight Floyd Mayweather. I want that next. I'm number one World Boxing Council (challenger). He's the champion. So let's make it happen.'

Khan had hoped to fight Mayweather last year but the US fighter faced Marcos Maidana instead.

Source: Yahoo!

Kim Pregnant, Kanye Wants to Buy Neverland

Kim Kardashian has announced she and rapper husband Kanye West are expecting their second child. Obviously they'll need a much bigger mansion now but that's no problem, because Kanye is already eyeing up Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch in California. Like all good house hunters he's haggling and wants to knock $10million off the $65million asking price.

Source: MSN and Yahoo.

Britain's First Soft Play Nightclub Opens in Birmingham

Why should toddlers have all the fun? Well, now you too can lose the plot in the ball pit! That's right, folks - soft play clubbing is here! Regression Sessions is a club night in Birmingham that's got the lot: ball pits, a bouncy castle, space hoppers, plasticine, building blocks, drum 'n bass, house, garage and disco.

Check it out here:


Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 1st June 2015 Author: Jim Alexander