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The Stagcom Monday 17th August Roundup

Space elevators are go

To infinity and beyond!

If you thought the Shard was big, wait til you get a load of this. Canadian company Thoth Technology Inc has just been granted a patent for a technology capable of creating a 'space elevator' - a tower nearly 12.5 miles high.

The tower is to be inflatable, with a hollow core allowing the lift to rise to the top. Space planes, launching from the roof of the tower and leaving the atmosphere without refuelling, will ferry the astronauts from here to their orbiting space stations.

If you fancy taking a ride, you might have to wait a little while yet. The Thoth elevator hasn't got a planned completion date, and competing Japanese company Obayashi reckons its 96,000km-long version won't be a goer until 2050.

John Terry sits out second half at Man City

Who'd have thought we'd live to see the day when John Terry got hauled off the pitch at half time? The Chelsea and England star has been wondering what the new season will bring him, with his boss already looking around for a younger replacement. Now he knows, and reality looks like it bites.

Terry hasn't been substituted in a Chelsea shirt since May 2013. Now, at 34, the captain has to face the truth of his own pre-season comments. Talking about keeping up his impressive form from last season, Terry pointed out 'I know that if I don't, the manager will take me out of the side and replace me with someone else.' West London might just be in need of a new king.

Men are not from Mars

Men from Mars, women from Venus? Apparently not, according to a photo taken by the Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet. In a batch of images sent back to NASA recently, one appeared to show a woman in a cloak standing on a rock. No photo editing, no funny stuff going on here. Just a weird-looking lady staring at a bunch of red sand.

With The X Files set to come back to our screens in 2016, maybe this is just a huge publicity stunt by Fox. Or maybe it's just some dust or a weird boulder. The truth is out there.

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 17th August 2015 Author: Jim Alexander