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The Stagcom Monday 13th July roundup


You know how, when your favourite player gets beaten by someone else who plays better, you want that player to go on and win Wimbledon? Well, that didn't happen. Old school legend Roger Federer, who played so well against Andy Murray on Friday, got his hat handed to him by a Novak Djokovic clearly intent on telling Centre Court just how good he really is.

We might all have wanted Federer to claim his eighth Wimbledon victory, but in the end Djokovic was just too awesome. All hail the Serbian Terminator!


Star Wars geeks are frothing at the mouth today after JJ Abrams and co revealed all sorts of goodies in a Comic Con showcase. We know the movie's nearly done, Simon Pegg is in it and the series' first female stormtrooper is making an appearance. She's played by Gwendoline Christie (otherwise known as super-tall badass Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones), and she's got a flamethower. Epic.

In other reveals, we see Princess Leia wearing a much more sensible haircut, and a relatively unknown young actress (Daisy Ridley) who may or may not turn out to be Han and Leia's daughter. Oh, and Harrison Ford actually likes the script this time, which is more than can be said of the original movies...


The F1 star was among the select band of celebs sent personal invites to watch the Wimbledon final in the Royal Box - but his funky shirt and trousers were way too awesome for the stuffy dress rules!

According to Hamilton's spokesperson, there was 'an unfortunate misunderstanding' about the dress code, which requires chaps to don formal jackets, shoes and a tie. The Mercedes AMG Petronas driver had none of the above, but he did look amazing. Oh well, Lewis. Guess you'll just have to console yourself with the view from your Monaco pad.


A batch of 'UFO photos' from the 1970s has just been released to the internet, thanks to conspiracy site The Black Vault. They allegedly show images taken by a US submarine in 1971, and depict triangular and cigar-shaped craft apparently hovering over the Arctic ocean.

UFO nuts reckon they show for sure that there's an alien base in the Arctic. I reckon they show for sure how easy it is to fake a picture...

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 13th July 2015 Author: Jim Alexander