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The Stagcom Monday 12th January roundup

Another Monday morning, another weekend over far too quickly! If you've spent your weekend lying in a dark room, fighting the brutal hangover you received courtesy of Friday night's drinking session, keeping up to date with the latest news probably wasn't at the top of your list of things to do! Luckily for you, we've been keeping up to date so you don't have to!

Netflix released a trailer for House of Cards Season 3

We're big fans of House of Cards over here at Stag.com, so were naturally excited when Netflix released a trailer for the third season of the highly acclaimed political drama. The complete new season will be released on 27th February, so make sure you're up to date before then!

Nike plans to release 'Back to the Future' shoes this year

Movie geeks around the world are now rejoicing at the news that one of the predictions made in Back to the Future II could actually come true! In the 1989 film, which saw Marty McFly travel to 2015, he gets his hands on some self-lacing Nike trainers, and soon you could too! Nike have announced that they are hoping to release real versions of the shoes before the end of 2015!

Fashion magazine gets in trouble for using a lingerie model to advertise for interns

Australian magazine, Sunday Style, were in hot water over the weekend and forced to apologise over a post on Instagram advertising an intern position. The posting featured a sexy model posing in black lingerie on a bed on her hands and knees. We can't see what all the fuss is about ourselves!

Cadbury piss off customers with smaller Crème Egg packs

As if raising the price of Freddos and stopping making chocolate coins wasn't enough, Cadbury went one step further in enraging their customers over the weekend, when it was announced that Crème Eggs would now be sold in packs of 5, rather than 6. And it doesn't stop there - these new, smaller packs can be sold for the same price as the old 6 packs! What a rip off!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 12th January 2015 Author: Jim Alexander