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The Stagcom Monday 11th May roundup

Rosberg smashes Spanish Grand Prix

Fans of Formula 1 are breathing big sighs of relief today thanks to Nico Rosberg's awesome performance at the Spanish Grand Prix. Now Lewis Hamilton's runaway points lead is starting to shrink, the rest of the F1 season might actually be exciting.

Rosberg's dominance over the Spanish GP weekend has shrunk Hamilton's 27 point lead to 20 points, with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel in 3rd place, 31 points behind the leader.

Vettel reckons he can still sneak it. His bosses at Ferrari aren't so sure. Maurizio Arrivabene, Ferrari's team principal, said that fighting for the championship would be 'too much'. But the race for the top three spots is definitely on.

Mad ad freaks out just about everyone

This ad, aired just in time for the weekend, successfully managed to freak out just about everyone who saw it. Featuring a super-hot lady droid who's billed as your 'teacher, helper and friend', it looks totally real. Cue thousands of terrified viewers hitting the internet to find out what the frack was going on. Your own personal robot? The rise of Skynet?

Turns out the whole thing is a clever trailer for new Channel 4 drama Humans, an 8 part fright-fest based on an award-wining Swedish programme called Real Humans. And they didn't just scare the bejesus out of people on TV, either. There's a Persona Synthetics bot for sale on eBay for a cool £20k, and the fictional AI company even has its own website. Best. Campaign. Ever.

Louis van Gaal likes a drop of red

And we're not talking about his team! Man Utd's head honcho got outed on social media as a not-so-closet wine fan, when he was spotted smuggling a posh wine list into the dugout in his 'tactics folder'.

The sneaky tactician hit the bench with a Farr Vintners leaflet. Fortunately for van Gaal, the Red Devils won 2-1 in their away fixture against Crystal Palace, bringing them closer to a Champions League spot. Maybe the Dutchman was getting in a little early shopping for those celebratory drinks. Whatever - we like his style!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 11th May 2015 Author: Jim Alexander