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The Stagcom 9th November Round Up

Smoking phones, how to get a pay rise, Ladybird books for adults, and other weird stuff from around the web.

Can Wearing Purple or Red get you a Pay Rise?

According to a study from phone case company Case Station, wearing colourful clothes can get you a pay rise or promotion. One in five 18-34s say they got a promotion this way, and the same proportion claim they received a salary boost due to their brightly coloured clothes.

Red and purple are apparently the colours that really do the trick if you want to get noticed. Go for multicoloured clothes if you want to be regarded as creative and confident. The folks at LADbible pretty much summed it up: 'Bosses love that kind of sh*t.'

If we were all to take this literally, The Joker out of the Batman graphic novels would be the ideal employee.

Source: LADbible. Image credit: galleryhip.com

Ladybird Release Hilarious Books Aimed at Adults

Ladybird is 100 this year. To celebrate, they're turning the tables and releasing a series of brilliantly funny spoof books aimed at adults to help them understand the world, which can be damn confusing at times. All are done in the iconic 1940s Ladybird style and gently poke fun at the world and everyone in it.

The Ladybird Book of the Hipster is the star of the series, and looks at the lives of Dalston trendsetters. It's full of spot-on quotes, like: 'Caff Eh? in Brighton is a popular spot for hipsters. The owner guarantees his customers will never have heard of anything on the menu - things like dotka, commoner's milk, blacknock and carnip tartonne, keyhole coffee, and freshly oven-balched beetcorn labneys.'

The Ladybird Book of the Hangover deals with the fear we all face after one too many shandies. How it Works: The Husband and How it Works: The Wife are both full of handy tips on getting the best out of your spouse.

Vaporcade's Smoking Phone

It may sound like something out of Skyfall or Spectre, but the smoking phone is now a thing. Unimaginatively named 'Jupiter', Vaporcade's new phone allows you to make calls and vape at the same time. It's basically a phone with a vaporiser attached. It'll set you back a cool $499 so you've got to REALLY like vaping.

Source: MSN

Man Gives Fiance a Wisdom Tooth Ring

Who needs diamonds? Certainly not Carlee Alisan Leifkes, whose fiancé Lucas Mancoon-Unger presented her with an engagement ring made from his wisdom tooth.

'What does a diamond signify in anybody's relationship? I literally have my husband's wisdom on my finger.'

It gets weirder. Lucas reportedly had to ask his dad to root out the tooth, which according to Yahoo! was just 'lying around from the tooth fairy days'. Then he got a jeweller to set it.

Somewhat appropriately, Lucas proposed to Carlee on Halloween. The couple are planning an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas.

Sources: Yahoo! Style. Image credit: boxedlines.com

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 9th November 2015 Author: Jason England