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The Stagcom 30th November Round Up

From waving goodbye to Formula 1 for another year, to one of the biggest boxing upsets of 2015, welcome to the round-up of all the news you'd ever need to know about!

Tyson Fury beats Wladimir Klitschko to Become Heavyweight Champion of the World

In an amazing display, Tyson Fury finally managed to beat Wladimir Klitschko in the big fight on Saturday night. The tactics used were simple, throw insults and lure the champion in. He chased and dodged Klitschko's powerful right hook, then counter-attacked.

Showboating and even performing an Ali-style shuffle halfway through the fight, Fury settled into his surroundings quickly to take the title. Maybe ease up on singing Aerosmith though mate...save that for the bar after a few beers!

Rosberg Wins in Abu Dhabi, Closing Out this Year's F1 Action

Rosberg took his third victory in a row to end 2015's racing action, giving him a boost ahead of next year after Hamilton won the title last month. The Brit tried to sneak the win with an off-set race strategy but didn't have the pace to keep up with Nico. Rounding out the top five was Kimi Raikkonen in 3rd, Vettel in 4th (climbing from 15th on the grid) and Force India's Sergio Perez in 5th.

So what have we learned this season? Mercedes are still dominant, Ferrari are starting to creep up towards their pace, and McLaren really need to go back to the drawing board for 2016.

Why do Non-Redhead Lads get Ginger Beards?

So you may have a dark head of hair, but throughout Movember you've realised that your facial hair comes out Tango'd! Ever wondered why that is? Turns out a blogger at Motherboard has the answer after getting in touch with some scientists in Holland.

The reason is a gene we all have called MC1R (catchy name, I know). Hair colour on different parts of your body is determined by levels of eumelanin (the black pigment) and pheomelanin (the red pigment). So don't worry, you weren't adopted if you're the only lad in the family with a ginger beard.

Burger King Becomes First Fast Food Chain in UK to Sell Alcohol

The gods have truly blessed us with this one. You can now get your Whopper with a beer in Bury St. Edmunds, which if successful will be expanded to the rest of the UK.

While we may not recommend Burger King as one of the locations on a bar crawl, it would be great as a place after your big night out to grab a beer and burger!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 30th November 2015 Author: Jason England