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The Stagcom 29th February round up

There's shedloads of news this Leap Day! From Van Gaal's fall to an Oscar win after years of waiting. Let's dive right in.

Leo DeCaprio Finally Wins an Oscar!

After 23 long years of Oscar nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his long overdue statue! The 41-year-old received the Best Actor award for his performance in revenge epic The Revenant. Leo's first nomination was for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? way back in 1993, and he's always seemed like a top choice. But the Oscar always eluded him, until now.

Louis Van Gaal Takes a Tumble on the Sideline

Every time Arsenal and Manchester United face off, you can always expect a bit of drama. But nobody expected the theatrical fall of Louis Van Gaal as he argued with the fourth official!

He stormed over to the official after seeing what he perceived to be a dive from one of the Gunner's players. The rest is football history. The internet went crazy, photoshopping LVG into plenty of hilarious situations.

Michael Bisping Defeats Anderson Silva at UFC London

Lancashire lad Michael Bisping edged out Anderson Silva in an absolutely epic match at UFC London!

Over 25 minutes, the bout went back and forth as each competitor traded blows. During one particularly tense moment in round three, Silva took Bisping down with a high knee when the buzzer sounded. Silva climbed the cage in celebration, as officials went to explain that the match was not over.

Coming down to the fifth and final round, Bisping was pronounced the winner with judges scores of 48-47.

WTF Story of the Week: University Bans Energy Drinks over Fear of 'Risky Sexual Activity'

A college in Middlebury, USA, has decided to ban energy drinks because they promote 'risky sexual behaviour.'

A recent study showed that drinking the sweet, caffeine-laden drinks will transform any human being into a sex machine... If you excuse me, I'm off to buy a few cans!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 29th February 2016 Author: Jason England