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The Stagcom 27th October Roundup

10 laps to a World Championship

So Nico Rosberg, who's been Mercedes AMG Petronas' Mr Nice all season, continued to do favours for his team mate at the weekend. Holding second place after Hamilton pressured him into a race-losing error; the German driver prevented Ferrari's Sebastien Vettel from keeping the driver's championship open for another race.

Hamilton is now level with Sir Jackie Stewart in F1 terms. He also shares his record of three championship wins with Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet and Jack Brabham. At 30 years of age, the Stevenage-born F1 legend could yet catch up to Vettel and Prost (four wins each) or even Juan Manuel Fangio's five. But Schumacher's seven? Only time will tell. Well done Lewis.

Dogs don't like you

Irony is awesome. When Trigger the gun-dog shot his owner in the foot with her own hunting rifle, you could hear ducks laughing in every state in America.

25-year-old Allie Carter was going after game birds in Indiana on Saturday, and in a moment of madness left her shotgun on the floor, safety catch off. The hilariously-named Trigger, possibly thinking the gun was a stick, trod on the firing mechanism and sent his owner to A&E with bird pellets in her foot. She ought to change his name (or possibly her own) to Elmer Fudd.

Spectre is out, and everyone loves it

The holiday season doesn't work properly without a massive movie release - and the new Bond has kicked things off nicely. Wills and Kate joined Hollywood's boldest for a star-studded premiere of Spectre last night, Will's looking almost, but not quite, like the secret agent himself. Everyone thinks it's awesome. Critics, fans, the lot. Avoid all reviews and go immediately.

Back to articles Date Posted: Tuesday 27th October 2015 Author: Jason England