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The Stagcom 23rd November Round Up

From drunk Russians crashing into Scotland and the analysis of your tastes in porn, to a rather unfortunate picture of the Chuckle Brothers!

Russian sailor drink drives 7,000-tonne ship. Crashes into Scotland

Sometimes the headlines sum up everything you need to know. Over the weekend, a Russian sailor at the helm of 423ft cargo ship 'Lysblink Seaways' decided it would be a cracking idea to down half a bottle of rum while on duty.

This (as you probably expected) didn't go well for him, as he crashed into the side of Scotland. As you can guess, this person was swiftly sacked from the company, so let's chalk this up as a pretty serious lesson to not drink and drive that was taught in a rather funny story.

Got to admire his spirit though, it was quite a whiskey move...


Chuckle Brothers picture goes viral for all the wrong reasons

Solita Restaurants tweeted a picture of the Chuckle Brothers at their party last week, which on first look seems completely innocent. But look again, specifically at the adoring fan's glass... Seems like she got an extra 'stiff' drink.

Luckily she didn't actually order her cocktail with extra cock, as that is just her arm. But that didn't stop a huge social media reaction to the accidental penis.


Pornhub releases search history. Confirms we're a messed up bunch of pervs

Each year, Pornhub release data showing the top 10 search terms on their website, and this year did not disappoint! Turns out Britain has a strange obsession with keeping it in the family: searching for things like 'mom,' 'step sister' and 'step mom' quite regularly...

Rounding off the top ten was 'lesbian,' 'British,' 'milf,' 'squirt,' 'teen,' 'cartoon' and 'massage.'


Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 23rd November 2015 Author: Jason England