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The Stagcom 14th March Roundup

From England's Triple Crown to the end of McClaren's career, here are all the top stories every lad should know about!

England Win Six Nations

For the first time since 2011, England have won a Six Nations title. After beating Wales 25-21, and taking into account France's defeat by Scotland, the English lead can't be beaten.

This goes to speak volumes for how incredible a manager Eddie Jones is. This is the man who knocked England into shape after their shambolic performance in the Rugby World Cup, and the boys' performance against Wales is a great testament to his success. It was a hard fought battle, with a late Welsh storm to weather, but England Rugby won the day. Check out the full highlights below!

No UEFA Action Against Fellaini

We all saw Fellaini's sneaky elbow to Can, during Manchester United's match against Liverpool in the Europa League. However, turns out the FA didn't as they will not be pressing charges against him.

Since the officials didn't add the elbow incident to their match report, UEFA has elected to let the matter lie. We reckon it's a bit mad that video evidence is not being admitted here!

Steve McClaren Sacked. Benitez Takes Over Newcastle

The Toon Army have a new boss, as Steve McClaren has been replaced by Rafa Benitez. Just nine months after being appointed, Steve was booted with the team facing relegation and the home crowd calling for his dismissal.

Ex-Real Madrid manager Benitez spent time analysing Newcastle games during his short period out of work. Do you think he will keep them out the relegation zone?

WTF Story of the Week: Player Kicks Referee In Football Match

Ever been so pissed off at the referee that you wanted to kick him? One Italian player went through with it, and faced a real stare down!

Honestly, I suggest this ref should think about a promising UFC career after taking a kick that well. Follow it up with a takedown and choke hold, you'd have a future McGregor-beater!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 14th March 2016 Author: Jason England