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The stag party ice bucket list

I love the ice bucket challenge. Not least because you get to see celebrities going OTT to outdo each other on awesome ways to interpret the rules. Hats off to Chris Pratt, he of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, for swapping the cold stuff for not one but two vodka based drinks. Man knows how to party:

So anyway, the profusion of famous dudes plunging into freezing water got me thinking of stag party activities that take your breath away. I reckon these little beauties will float your boat!

Indoor surfing

surfing is like the real deal, only you're inside and you don't have to spend half a day paddling out through the windblown seas of the UK. You stand on a foam board, and get to carve what's called a standing wave: essentially water running the wrong way up a plastic slope. You WILL fall over, and you will end up bobbling around in a breathless ball of laughter at the bottom of the machine. Nuts.

Assault course

If you love war films you'll love an assault course. And there's no way you're walking out dry! You can plunge into muddy obstacles, crawl under nets and fall off logs all afternoon. With your mates on hand to upload instant footage of you crying for your mum halfway up the wall of death, it'll go as viral as the ice bucket in days. Well, among your Facebook friends anyway. Man up, buttercup!

Cliff jumping

You mad, mad bar steward. That is all. Leaping off a cliff into the freezing North Sea isn't everyone's idea of a good time - but I tell you what, if you haven't done the ice bucket yet there's no better way to take up the challenge! Why wince under a teensy little pail of slightly cool tap water, when you could be taking a bath in the coldest ocean in the British Isles? Now that's what I call worthy of respect.

Back to articles Date Posted: Friday 29th August 2014 Author: Cathy Alexander