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Stag Party Style Guide

Wherever you're planning to hit - beach bar, superclub, underground tavern - your stag party wardrobe needs care and attention. You need clothes that function well in the climate of your destination, clothes that look good, and clothes that will get you in to the biggest venues.

Scratching your head? Don't worry. I've put together a selection of the best looks for this season. All you have to do now is remember your passport!

The urban stag

This year's look is all about Bohemian influences. I'm talking big jumpers, flowing shirts and unfeasibly tight trousers. Non-branded workout pants are also the way to go. Think Made in Chelsea (I know you watch it, so stop pretending) when they're not going out somewhere posh. Oh wait, that's never. OK, so think Made in Chelsea when they're being photographed by The Daily Mail.

An urban wardrobe is basically split into two parts: what you wear when you're slouching about with a hangover, and what you don when you're going clubbing. As a rule, blazers and open-collared shirts are where it's at for nighttime action. Down south, it's jeans or trousers depending on the venue. And always shoes. Where do you think you are, Ibiza?

The country stag

Country pursuits are best pursued in country dress. And yes, it's still tweed. Think double pockets for jackets, waistcoats when the occasion demands and of course trousers in a different colour to the upper half of the ensemble. Only a comedian would dare to dress in checks from head to foot.

For shooting parties, add a shooting jacket. Equipped with quilted linings to repel the early-morning cold (and damp down the kick from a shotgun blast), shooting jackets also have massive pockets for shells, hip flasks and pipes. Eh what.

The action man

Booked in for a few adrenaline activities on your stag party? Time to get busy in the wardrobe department! This year's sporting style focuses on unbranded workout wear when you're travelling to and from your event, and high tech performance gear for the challenge. You're looking for kit that wicks sweat away from your skin, keeps you cool and looks wicked too. Suns, out, guns out.

The beach bum

Some stag party destinations laugh in the face of style. If you want to blend in in Newquay, leave your hipster jeans at home and rock some old school surfwear. Check shirts are in no matter what time of year it is, and you only wear jeans if the temperature drops below 20 degrees. Oh, and surf bums don't wear shoes. Ever. It's flip flops or skate trainers, take your pick.

Beware of splashing out on top of the range ocean gear, unless you know what you're doing out there in the lineup. Otherwise, you'll just get laughed at. And remember: real beach bums wear the same t shirt for like three days in a row. Fact.

Back to articles Date Posted: Wednesday 15th July 2015 Author: Jim Alexander