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Stag Dos To Scare The Shit Out Of The Lads

We've just created a Zombie Shooting stag do package in Derby, which is perfect for fans of The Walking Dead! And there's plenty more where that came from. We've got a couple of terrifying stag do ideas in UK cities with incredible nightlife. Pray you're not too jumpy.

1. Zombie Shooting in Derby

Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Find out in the woodland terrain of Derbyshire. Arm yourselves with shotguns and revolvers, and find if you've got what it takes to protect your camp from the undead. You can't just go to the Winchester and 'wait for the whole thing to blow over,' like Shaun suggests in Shaun of the Dead. Nut up and defeat the zombie menace!

2. Escapologic in Nottingham

You've got four rooms to choose from, but pick Howitz for the ultimate terrifying experience. Enter the strange world of Eli Howitz, a toy shop owner with a terrible backstory that drew him to dark forces. You will uncover the horrific truth in a room full of ritualistic carvings, glowing magical symbols, and toys that whirr, click and spin - on their own. This one is not for the faint-hearted.

3. Horror Escape Room in Bristol

Welcome the deepest, darkest subterranean Bristol, to a building used to house actual prisoners back in the day. This historic structure has been turned into a terrifying escape room! The story is simple; you've been locked in a cell guarded by Bristol's answer to Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You all have one hour to escape before he returns for your skins. Literally!

Back to articles Date Posted: Friday 12th February 2016 Author: Jason England