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Stag Do Drinking Games

One of the mandatory things, that defines every stag party, are drinks. Drinks bring life to every party; they just have to be there!

To make things even more interesting here we have some new and exciting stag do drinking games that will make sure to amp up the drinking experience while letting you all have a great time!!

You can assign any stag as the ‘Master Boozer’, who will keep track of these stag drinking games!

Drunk Jenga - Playing Jenga is already a tricky task, but what will happen if you have had a lot of drinks and then go for this game!! This game will surely allow you to have a good laugh. You can even try writing some funny dares on some of the Jenga tiles!!

Straight Face - When you get loaded with booze, it's difficult to keep a straight face, and this activity challenges only that. Write funny or dirty sentences (ones that are hard to read while maintaining a straight face) on small pieces of paper. Each stag picks up a bit of paper and tries to keep a straight face while reading it. The one who chuckles, smirks or reacts has to drink!

Say Buzz - Well here is an easy one. Just when everyone is a little drunk, ask them to start counting. The rule is that instead of 7 and its multiples the stags have to say buzz. Anyone who fails to do so, grabs a shot!

Bag Bite - Get a large paper bag and put it in the middle. Once everyone starts drinking, ask any stag to try picking up the bag, but only with his mouth. With each turn, the bag must be chopped an inch shorter! Those who fail, take a shot.

These activities are a must try, especially if you are doing some pre drinks. Let the fun begin!!

Of course always drink responsibly.

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 11th June 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil