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Our must have technology from CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a world famous technology and electronics tradeshow, held each January in the wild, weird and wonderful Las Vegas! Each year, tech geeks around the world wait with bated breath for the latest announcements and releases from some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Unfortunately, the show isn't open to the general public, with tickets being reserved for industry professionals. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out! Here are some of the highlights from CES 2015 that you should be getting excited about.

Curved TVs and Computer Monitors

TVs and computer monitors have been getting progressively bigger for some time now, but it seems that this year just being bigger won't be enough. CES 2015 was full of curved TVs and computer monitors, like the Samsung SE790C, which is meant to give you the 'ultimate immersive viewing experience'.

A smart belt that doesn't care how much you eat

We've all had those moments from time to time. You've just finished a huge Sunday roast, or are recovering from a marathon all you can eat buffet, and your belt starts to feel a little bit tighter than usual. Well, thanks to French startup, Emiota, you could soon have a belt that adjusts to your changing waistline! Belty (yes, that's its real name) is a 'smart belt', which automatically adjusts itself throughout the day, while also measuring how much you've been moving and whether you need to do more exercise.

Charge your smartphone is a matter of seconds

We love our smartphones over at Stag.com, and sometimes wonder how we ever survived without them! Whether it's browsing Facebook and Twitter, watching the football highlights, playing our favourite games or snapping some photos, we find ourselves using our phones more and more. The only downside with this is that the more we use our phones, the quicker the batteries run out! And nobody wants to sit around for hours waiting for their battery to recharge. Luckily, the guys over at StoreDot have been working on technology which will allow you to fully charge a phone battery in a matter of seconds, not hours!

Back to articles Date Posted: Tuesday 20th January 2015 Author: Jim Alexander