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Legendary fancy dress ideas for stag weekends

A stag weekend isn't a stag weekend without some humiliating fancy dress. Put your money where your mouth is for the big night out with these epic costume ideas. We've scoured the interweb for some hilarious inspiration, plus we asked around the office to see if anyone had any embarrassing stories of their own. Naming no names, but next time someone tries to gaffer tape a giant penis to Jim from accounts they'll be wearing their beer....

Humiliation stations

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you're looking for prank costumes or classy kit. If your mission is to humiliate the stag, you've only got to look as far as a humble roll of clingfilm, inflatable fannies or a mankini. You get the idea. Or you could chain a human accessory to the man of the moment - like 5 Cent the dwarf, who spent the Vegas portion of ex-JLS singer Marvin Humes' 8 day stag 'weekend' handcuffed to him!

Theme it

Themed fancy dress is a great way to get the whole stag party involved. And just because you chuck a little organisation in the mix, doesn't mean you can't embarrass the crap out of the stag! Go for Star Wars cossies, with the best man as Han and the groom as Princess Leia. Or you could rock up as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Mr About to Be Married as Willy Wonka and everyone else as Oompa Loompas. We'll leave it up to you how you interpret 'Willy' Wonka!

Go practical

Make life difficult for the stag with an actual ball and chain, or gaffer tape pint glasses to his hands. He'll hate you for it after half an hour, but you'll be too busy laughing your asses off to care. Don't be surprised if the ol' pint glass on the hands routine gets you barred from a few clubs, though! Maybe do a few forfeits with a costume like this at the start of the evening, then leave the lot in a bin and get on with some serious drinking.

What are your best (and worst) stag party costume moments? Send us the images if you dare...!

Back to articles Date Posted: Thursday 24th April 2014 Author: Jim Alexander