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Grooms Wedding Speech

Writing the perfect groom’s speech: A short guide

As the groom, delivering a speech will probably be at the bottom of your priority list, and that is understandable. However, completely ignoring the speech is calling for trouble.

Writing the groom’s speech is no complex task. With everyone waiting for the best man speech, the groom’s speech is usually short and straightforward. If you’re struggling with your groom’s speech, simply stick to the following points, and we promise you that it will be absolutely legendary.

Begin by thanking the guests

Traditionally, the bride’s parents would pay for the wedding ceremony. As the hosts, it would be their duty to deliver the first speech and thank the guests for coming to the wedding. Once the father of the bride has spoken, it is your turn.

Begin by thanking your father-in-law, followed by the guests and everyone else who made the event a success.

Involving family

pend the next part of your speech thanking the family of your new wife. After this, move on to your own family. Thank them for bringing you up into a charming young man. Don’t forget to include small anecdotes from your childhood for added emotional effect.

The bride

This is the most fundamental part of your speech. Utilise this section to tell everyone about the love you have for your wife. Mention all the perfect imperfections that make her the most amazing woman in the world.

Make sure you spend a lot of thought while writing this section, and that it is truly heartfelt.


A bit of healthy humour can go a long way in making your speech successful. Only thing to keep in mind is to not offend anyone. Absolutely avoid controversial topics. Alternatively, you can finish by mentioning the best man, and thanking them for fulfilling all their best man duties in UK.


Before wrapping up, the final advice is to keep the speech short. Around five minutes would be perfect. Keep in mind, the main event is the best man speech, don’t steal their spotlight!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 2nd July 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil