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Five Rules for Throwing the Best Stag Party Ever

So you've decided to go all out and throw what the Yanks call a bachelor party. Good call, feller. Being a filthy redcoat, though, you probably haven't been to Sin City recently. So we thought we'd give you a flying headstart on having your stag party in the most debauched town on earth. Switch off the smartphone and censor your best man's blog uploads. This is where it gets good...

Share a limo

You know how you can split taxis with strangers to get home cheaply after an all-night booze-up? Same goes at Vegas airport, only with limos. If there are enough of you, you can get down to the strip like a freaking rock star for around 50 bucks a head. Sweet.

Don't wear jeans

Strippers in Las Vegas are notoriously friendly. If you wear jeans, you'll have no idea how close you came to annulling your wedding before it even happened! Oh, and don't fall for the 'all nude' strip bar gimmick unless you want to spend half the night wondering what happened to all the hotties and the other throwing up bad booze.

Pay to be a high roller

If you want to go where the ladies go, you need two things: total recall of where the after-hours clubs are, and the appearance of a group of high rollers. There are actually agencies in Las Vegas that specialise in turning stag parties into 'whales' for the weekend. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but you'll end up in the places all the strippers go to unwind after a hard night's pole dancing. Boom!

Take your swimming shorts

For a city in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas has an almost unhealthy obsession with swimming. Prepare to strip down to your shorts at a moment's notice, especially if you visit the Hard Rock, where they have blackjack tables you can only get to if you splash! Hey - if you haven't gotten half naked in public at least once, you're not doing the stag party properly...

Sleep when you get home

New Yorkers are wrong. Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. You can't even tell whether it's day or night when you're in a casino, and all the best parties start at four in the morning. Leave your watch behind and forget about morning, afternoon and evening. The only time in Las Vegas is now.

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Back to articles Date Posted: Thursday 17th July 2014 Author: Cathy Alexander