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Best Stag Do Pranks & Funny Ideas

Well if the groom-to-be thinks that you stags will throw him a party without a prank then make sure to take him by surprise!! Here are some nasty stag do pranks and funny stag do ideas to make sure that you all have a good hearty laugh while you embarrass the groom or the stags!!

Arrest The Groom - Something that is bound to stay in your memories, this prank is one of the most famous and notorious of all. Arrange for a police van, hire people dressed as policemen who will come for the groom and arrest him for no reason. Trembling in fear the groom won’t forgive you guys for this!!

The High Visibility - If you are going to a paintball fight then this prank is perfect for the groom! Dress him in a bright pink onesie, and you know what to do next. The high visibility will not give the groom a spot to hide. Aim and shoot!!

The Fake Bride - The mightiest of all, the aim here is to get the groom really drunk the night before so that he passes out (and also doesn't remember anything that happened the last night!). Now while he's asleep, place a strange girl right next to him on the bed! Then in the morning when he wakes up make a story about how they got married last night under the booze!! The horrified groom will surely be devastated over his deed!!

The Album of Shame - Over the years you and the groom have shared all those memories, and you are bound to have some very embarrassing pictures of the main man! The idea here is to tell the groom that you are going to play a video of your bond over the years, but in reality, you will be sharing all his embarrassing pictures. Just hold him tight and let everyone enjoy!!

These stag pranks will evidently ensure a hearty laugh for you all!! But please ensure you drink responsibly and stay safe!

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 18th June 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil