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Best of Prague Stag Do

Prague stag do activities are some of the best on the planet. Whether you're looking for wild times in the best beer halls in Europe, or an epic drop from the skies, this legendary European capital will deliver. The question is, with only two days and two nights to drink deeply from the Czech capital's cup of fun, how will you know which activities to choose?

Well, I thought I'd make things easy for you. I've put together a list of the biggest, baddest Prague stag do activities in existence. These are the unmissable classics, from dawn to dusk.

Sky diving

Dude, it doesn't get much wilder than chucking your best bud out of a plane. The sky dive is the ultimate stag do activity. It's an ideal stag do gift, too. Club together with the boys and take pictures of the big man's face just before you push him out of the door. It's worth every Euro!

Body eating

Hey, when you come to a stag do in Prague, you don't come for the culture. Well, not much, anyway. So why sit down to a standard meal, when you could be eating delish bits of goodness off the nearly-naked body of a local hottie? Body eating is one of our most popular Prague stag do activities, and it's easy to see why. Mmmmgood.

Bar crawl

Prague is probably the most famous stag do drinking destination in Europe. Problem is, you can't guarantee you're going to the right places unless you tag along with a local. So my big recommendation for the early evening of your stag is to book a guided bar crawl. It's like taking a city tour but with added beer. And it's the best beer in the world. Amazing.

Exotic club tour

As befits a city that prides itself on getting you hammered, Prague is also one of the top European destinations for naughty after-hours fun. In fact, her exotic clubs hit the number one spot on our list of biggest-selling Prague stag do activities on a regular basis. That's not really surprising, when you look at what you get on your average tour of nudie clubs. Reserved tables, the chance to do shots off the naked bodies of strippers, and a local guide to help you talk to the girls: that's what I call perfection!

Have you been on a Prague stag do? What were your favourite activities?

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 18th January 2016 Author: Jason England