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Best of Munich Stag Do

Ah, a Munich stag do. Capital of Bavaria, and home to the most delicious frauleins in the world. It's also my number one spot for a bit of high-intensity drinking. The city that gave us the Oktoberfest knows a thing or two about entertaining a group of beer-hungry lads, but like any popular spot it can present a problem. How are you going to concentrate on the best Munich stag do activities, when there are so many?

I recommend splitting your stag into bite-sized chunks - first-night party, daytime on the second day, second-night party. That way you can create a balanced weekend, during which you do a bit of everything. Like drinking in a proper Bavarian pub. And scaring the life out of the stag on a high ropes course...

Bavarian blowout

There's nothing like a massive night in the bars and clubs of Munich to get your stag do off to a good start. The Bavarian Blowout is great for Friday night, when the lads just want to get out and get on it. You'll see a ton of the city's best drinking holes, plus you get to watch frauleins in the altogether at a top strip club.

Beer bike

You can't do anything in Munich without involving beer. Seriously. These guys have beer with their breakfast. So it's little wonder that one of our most popular daytime Munich stag do activities involves drinking fine booze whilst pedalling a massive bike around town.

Yes, I did say 'bike'. But don't worry, lads. This isn't exercise. It's just an excuse to sit on a bar stool quaffing great Bavarian beer, while a sober-as-a-judge driver takes you on a tour of the top tourist spots within city limits. The bike is motor assisted, and you don't have to do any steering. Best have another hellesbier, then!

High ropes course

Of all the Munich stag do activities designed to get the adrenaline pumping, the high ropes course is the one with the best opportunities for embarrassing the stag! No-one looks manly when they're clinging to the top of a 40ft pole crying for their mum. Don't laugh too hard though. You're going next.

Beer garden tour

No stag do in Munich would be complete without a rip to a beer garden. So why not make these legendary establishments the focus of your whole night? Visit three gardens over the course of three hours, and find out why al fresco drinking, Bavarian style, is the greatest thing in history. Prost!

Have you been on a Munich stag do? What were your favourite activities?

Back to articles Date Posted: Monday 18th January 2016 Author: Jason England