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Best Man Duties UK

The Complete Guide To The Duties Of A Best Man

So you have been chosen as the best man for your best mate’s wedding. The title doesn’t just seem like a big deal, being a best man is actually a big deal that comes with a number of responsibilities.

In order to truly become the best man, make sure you carry out all the following duties with sincerity. It is, after all, your best mate’s wedding.

Arrangement of the wedding formalwear

As the best man, it is your foremost responsibility to help the groom select the formalwear for the wedding ceremony. However, the job doesn’t end here. It is also the responsibility of the best man to make sure all the groomsmen are present at the fitting, and are prepared with matching tuxedos on the day of the wedding.

Organising the stag do

This is by far, the most exciting part of being the best man. If you are thinking of a stag do abroad, and find yourself overwhelmed with the organisation part, don’t hesitate in enlisting one of the groomsmen to help you out.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

While it might seem like a mundane task, it is your duty as the best man to be present at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. While traditionally, everyone makes a toast at the rehearsal dinner, we urge you to avoid doing so, and save your best man speech for the big day.

Best man speech

This is one of the most important, and most terrifying responsibilities of the best man. If you find yourself confused about what to include in your speech, check out our guide on how to write and deliver the perfect best man speech.

Keep the bride’s ring safe

As the best man, you will be expected to stand at the altar with the groom and present him with the ring after the wedding vows. Make sure you keep the ring perfectly safe. You don’t want to be fumbling to search for it in the middle of the marriage ceremony.


Depending on tradition, there are a number of other things you might have to do as the best man, like decorating the getaway car. However, the above guide can be used as a guideline for carrying out the general responsibilities of being the best man.

Back to articles Date Posted: Wednesday 20th June 2018 Author: Barry O'Neil