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Another 10 Weekday Worldies

You loved my first list of fit birds, and that means I have the pleasure of collating another top 10. I love this job sometimes...

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Ronda Rousey

A photo posted by @mj_day on Jan 5, 2016 at 8:15am PST

There's just something about a girl who could kill you in seconds. The 'Arm Collector', as she likes to call herself, has a reach of 66in., and a nearly 100% record in MMA. Jesus. She's appeared today in nothing but body paint, ready for her shoot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Nice arse.

Suzy Cortez (a.k.a Miss BumBum)

Fiz intercambio morei em #Barcelona e torço pelo time @fcbarcelona , amanhã espero que o @leomessi melhor jogador depois do Pelé ganhe sua 5ª FIFA Ballon d'Or e antes que me pergunte NÃO gosto do Cristiano Ronaldo e nem do time que ele joga! #ViscaBarça #Messi #ChupaCR7 rsrsrs.... Foto crédito : mamãe sempre me apoiando #Lurdes. 😘🍀

A photo posted by Suzy Cortez Oficial (@suzycortezoficial) on Jan 10, 2016 at 9:57am PST

Following Messi's recent Ballon d'OR win, Suzy Cortez (otherwise known as Miss BumBum) posted a picture to celebrate the victory. Needless to say she immediately made our Weekday Worldie list because of it!

Scarlet Bouvier

Scarlet Bouvier has done it all from Zoo to Nuts, and she's absolutely spot on! For those who like that sort of thing (i.e., everybody), I've been told she does porn too. You've already gone to Google search her, haven't you. Its okay. I'll wait here.

Monica Bellucci

Up for a spot of cougar hunting? In honour of Spectre coming out recently, let this beautiful view sink in for a while. You'd never believe me if I told you she was 51. You probably wouldn't care, either. I know I don't. Blimey!

Kate Mara

After her rather...errm...sexually charged role in House Of Cards, it's fair to say Kate popped onto our radar pretty quickly!

Miranda Kerr

We need a better prefix than 'super' for model Miranda Kerr. Since becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2007, she's blown our minds in million-dollar underwear over and over again.

Katy Perry

We are more than happy to hear you roar! We may not be fans of your music, but that's a hell of a pair of fireworks you've got there.

Dakota Johnson

She made it, erm, big in Fifty Shades of Grey. And frankly, she's one hell of a reason to put up with this film when the girlfriends want to take you lads!

Margot Robbie

Probably best known as the model in The Wolf of Wall Street - the one Leo leaves his wife for. In all fairness, who can blame him?

Lea Seydoux

Spectre's second Bond girl, Lea deserves the last spot in our Weekday Worldie hall of fame. Cheesy it might be, but she is damn sure licensed to thrill.

Know anybody who should be on here? Let us know in the comments!

Back to articles Date Posted: Tuesday 17th November 2015 Author: Jason England