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Pick tank paintball for your Birmingham stag party and it will be epic! Spend a couple of hours doing battle in tanks with paintball cannons on their turrets. It's three to a team and there are 15 tanks on site. The instructors will show you how to drive, load, aim using a periscope, and of course - fire at the enemy! If that sounds like your idea of a good time, tell us when you're in the West Midlands. We'll put your names down for the coolest stag activity of all time.

You will play tank paintball in genuine armoured vehicles once used by the British Army. An instructor will man each tank for the practice lap but then it's over to you lot! Will you remember your training? How will you get on when the hatch goes down and you can only see through the periscope? Get up to speed with a little target practice and then face the enemy.

Impressed yet? You will be, and so will the lads. Here's the best bit: we organise everything but you take the credit for planning an awesome Birmingham stag party. Tank paintball will be the big highlight. The groom might not remember much about the actual stag night but he'll never forget playing paintball in a big-ass tank!

In brief:

  • Tank paintball at a former bombing range 1 hour from Birmingham
  • Learn how to drive and shoot from a tank
  • 3 to a tank, 15 tanks available
  • Compete in tank paintball battles
  • Military suits and helmets supplied
  • Free entry to the vehicle museum
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