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When it comes to epic activities for a stag do in Amsterdam, rifle shooting is right up there. Take advantage of being in Holland's hedonistic party capital and get your mitts on real rifles. Everyone gets 30 shots and a go at experiencing the intense thrill of actual target shooting. Learn basic shooting skills with an expert instructor and then see if you've got the focus, control and skill to get the highest score.

Unleash your inner Jason Bourne at a professional target shooting range located close to Amsterdam city centre. A cool head, a steady hand and nerves of steel will see you win the honour being declared sharp shooter. Before he lets you step up and shoot at actual targets, your licensed instructor will teach you essential rifle shooting skills, stuff like correct shooting stance and holding the gun to reduce recoil. Learn techniques used by the professionals that will help you hit the target time after time.

Breathe. Focus. Line up the target in your sights. Breathe again. Pull the trigger-gently does it. Target down. Job done.

Imagine being able to say you did went on a rifle shooting Amsterdam stag do. It doesn't get much more badass than that. Names down, lads!

In brief:

  • Introduction to rifle shooting
  • Briefing and instruction
  • Learn the basics
  • 30 shots each
  • Target shooting
  • You must bring current photo ID to the shooting range
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Rifle Shooting

This Package Includes

  • Rifle Shooting
  • Bar Crawl
  • Accommodation

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