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With a name like Rage buggies, you can expect your Sheffield stag party to heat up right off the starting grid. Fly into corners in these 600cc mad machines for a driving experience that'll get everyone in the group roaring with joy. If time trials in souped up off road karts sounds like your idea of a good time, this is your dream drive.

The boys on the Top Gear team voted Rage buggies the best off road vehicle in their category. Developing more than twice the power of the closest equivalent kart or quad, a Rage machine works like a massive radio controlled car. It's that fast, and that responsive. Stamp on the loud pedal, and you'll hit 60mph in around five seconds.

Our Rage driving track is perfectly kitted out for the stag party that wants a really crazy afternoon behind the wheel. Learn to charge your Rage buggy through jumps, over humps and around a challenging circuit, before we unleash you on an optional time trial challenge.

The time trial Rage competition is brilliant for a stag - each member of the team takes it in turns behind the wheel, while the rest of you add pit station support (or open mockery, it's up to you). Contest with the best for a Sheffield stag party that will live on in the memory for years.