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Package Includes

  • Rage Buggies
  • Powerturns
  • Bungee Running
  • Micro Quads
  • VIP Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £153.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Rage Buggies

With a name like Rage buggies, you can expect your Sheffield stag party to heat up right off the starting grid. Fly into corners in these 600cc mad machines for a driving experience that'll get everyone in the group roaring with joy. If time trials in souped up off road karts sounds like your idea of a good time, this is your dream drive.

The boys on the Top Gear team voted Rage buggies the best off road vehicle in their category. Developing more than twice the power of the closest equivalent kart or quad, a Rage machine works like a massive radio controlled car. It's that fast, and that responsive. Stamp on the loud pedal, and you'll hit 60mph in around five seconds.

Our Rage driving track is perfectly kitted out for the stag party that wants a really crazy afternoon behind the wheel. Learn to charge your Rage buggy through jumps, over humps and around a challenging circuit, before we unleash you on an optional time trial challenge.

The time trial Rage competition is brilliant for a stag - each member of the team takes it in turns behind the wheel, while the rest of you add pit station support (or open mockery, it's up to you). Contest with the best for a Sheffield stag party that will live on in the memory for years.


Nuts to go karts. Powerturns are the real McCoy. The Top Gear crew absolutely loved them, and that's good enough for us!

We own and operate a fleet of Powerturns from our driving centre near Sheffield. Get behind the joysticks and get ready to squeal like a girl! That's right, there are no steering wheels here. Powerturns are drag style racing buggies, which use twin engines for extra power and are controlled with a pair of sticks. You will feel everything!

Our Powerturns have been designed to give your stag do a driving experience like no other. With two drive wheels running at independent speeds, the vehicles are capable of maintaining high velocity even in the tightest of corners. And there's an insane amount of traction in those big back tyres. From off road madness to track driving, these wild beasts are just what the doctor ordered for stag do fun.

If you want to fuel inject your Sheffield stag do with something you just don't get the chance to do every day, the Powerturn is your man. We have both single seater and twin seat versions for you to try, too. Pair up with one control stick each for the maddest ride of your entire life.

Bungee Running

We've got something special in store for you lucky gents. Book our crazy bungee run as a standalone stag party activity, or combine it with driving and shooting options at our activity centre.

Situated just down the motorway from Sheffield, this is our pride and joy. When you're charging desperately for the end of the bungee, velcro baton in hand, you'll understand why!

The bungee run is perfect stag party fodder, particularly for day two of your weekend. If the lads are suffering a bit after a wild night on Sheffield's West Street, and in the city centre pubs and clubs, a mad competition on an inflatable bungee course will cure them in no time!

The bungee run is deceptively simple and a ton of fun. Split into two teams, your stag party will be tasked with running as far as they can while hitched to a horizontal bungee cord. The objective: stick a velcro baton onto the centre measuring area. The furthest one out wins.

The bungee course is fully inflatable, which is just as well. When the cord snaps back, you'll go flying with it and slam into the big soft wall at the end!

This is one of the funniest activities in our outdoor centre, and a brilliant way to bring the lads back to life. We'd recommend booking it as the first activity in an afternoon package.

Micro Quads

For a driving day that's hilariously different, head out of Sheffield to our nearby outdoor centre, where we'll put you on the tiniest quads known to stag. Nothing beats the sight of your best mates puttering around a course on quad bikes that look like they've been through the wash, sliding out on the corners and trying desperately to overtake each other on the straights!

These micro machines develop 160cc, and reach top speeds of 17mph. Scoff not, gents. We've put slick tyres on them, which means they're almost impossible to control. For guaranteed high jinks and crazy driving times, you won't find a better stag weekend activity in the Steel City.

Stag weekend success is all about mixing it up. Go full bore in Sheffield's impressive clubs on the Friday night. Party til dawn. Then bring the lads back to the land of the living with an insanely funny activity that won't endanger anyone, but will have them all grinning like chimps by the end of lap one!

There's no cure like fresh air and laughter, and our micro quad race will give you both in generous helpings. Open those throttles and get busy!

You can combine micro quads with other driving and shooting packages at our outdoor centre. Just ask your stag weekend co-ordinator for more details.

VIP Lap Dancing Club Entry

If your best mate is only going to see one more set of whammers (that don't belong to his wife to be, anyway) before he signs on the dotted line, make sure they're top drawer. A VIP lap dancing entry pass takes care of all the usual worries associated with trying to arrange for girls to take their clothes off in private for the stag. You'll be guaranteed entry to a proper quality club, where the ladies are well up for it and seriously fit to boot. Just turn up and swan in. You'll feel like the kings of Sheffield.

Lap dancing clubs are notoriously hard to find, which is why we went ahead and toured them all for you. Hey, someone's got to take one for the team, right? The results of our quest are presented here for your ogling delectation. We picked a club that ticks all the boxes we reckon are most important to a stag party: friendly door staff, super-hot girls who love to get involved with the party, and of course eye-popping routines guaranteed to put a smile on the stag's face!

As best man, you'll have a pretty big smile on your own kisser, when you look around and see the whole stag party enjoying the hell out of the best lap dancing club in Sheffield. No stress, no hassle and no arguing about whether to pay the extortionate door prices in the wrong club. This is tried, tested and guaranteed.

2 Nights Accommodation

The secret to organising a stag weekend in Sheffield without losing your shizzle is to get someone else to do the boring bits - like organising two nights' accommodation in the city centre. Sheffield is a big university town and holds loads of major events year round so you need to get rooms booked quickly. Let the professionals handle the accommodation side of the stag do and you'll get centrally located beds within budget.

Speaking of which, we can get great deals on everything from swanky 4* hotels to cheap and clean hostels in the heart of Sheffield city centre.

Getting the train? Ask us about mid-range hotels with air conditioning and satellite TV in the Quayside Quarter, which is close to the train station. You've also got some great 3* hotels near the station with awesome views across the River Don, plus a couple of 2* hotels in the area that do basic but decent rooms for stag parties on a budget.

Driving? In that case you'll need two nights' accommodation in a hotel with on-site parking or one that's got public parking close by. There are a couple of hotels in Sheffield's trendy Devonshire Quarter that'll fit the bill.


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From Only £153.00 Per Person

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