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Ditch the air rifles and go karts, lads, it's time for the ultimate stag weekend activity! Generations of nearly-wed fellers have been blasting the living heck out of each other with paintballs for years, and when you've got the latest rifles in your hands you'll understand why.

Reading boasts a particularly fine paintball centre, close to the centre and kitted out with everything a man could want from his last battle before marriage! There are woodland areas, thick with cover, proper bunkers, and plenty of wide open spaces for those heart-in-the-mouth dashes for safety!

Waste the groom in every way imaginable, thanks to classic stag weekend games like Attack the Bunker, Flag Capture, and of course Stag Hunt. When you've popped as many multicoloured caps in each other as you can handle, the staff will bring you back to base for the final showdown - a shootout between the groom and the best man!

Get some balls, boys. Then fire them at your mates in a hail of paint-filled fury. For sheer unadulterated stag weekend fun, paintballing can't be beat.

In a nutshell:

  • Paintball centre just outside Reading
  • Woodland cover, bunkers and fields
  • Multiple games
  • Stag vs best man shootout
  • Instruction
  • Equipment hire