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Spend your Reading stag night at a top comedy club and get more bang for your buck. This place is a comedy club, bar, and nightclub all rolled into one. You'll get tickets to the live standup show, access to the after party, and nightclub entry. There are usually three or four comedians on the bill. See the best names on the UK comedy circuit live, have a few beers, get the banter going, and then hit the party.

Always good for a laugh on a Reading stag night, comedy club shows feature all sorts of different comedians. You could be shaking laughing at an impressionist one minute and snorting at a slapstick standup comedian the next. By the time the show's over, everyone's had enough booze to get on the dancefloor. The DJ busts out the floorfillers at the after party, and then it's on to the club, which is one of the busiest in Reading.

You could spend an entire Reading stag night at this comedy club. Or you could see the show, go to the after party, and then do the bars and clubs. The comedy club is right in the heart of Reading's busiest drinking area so you've got plenty of options.

In brief:

  • Tickets to a top comedy club
  • After party
  • Nightclub entry
  • Option to add food to your package