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Package Includes

  • Powerturns
  • Rage Buggies
  • Micro Quads
  • Bungee Running
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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From Only £152.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package


Who's the best driver in your stag party? Find out once and for all by taking Powerturns for a spin round our Nottingham off road driving site. These twin-engine dragsters can do donuts, pull wheelies at top speed and spin on corners. The question is: can you control one?

Powerturns don't have steering wheels or pedals. They're two-wheel drive off road buggies are controlled by two levers. That's it. Both drive wheels are powered at different speeds, which means you can corner, spin and hit angles at speed. Minds will be blown and adrenaline levels maxed out.

Pair up with another member of your stag party for the main event: the slalom course. Take one lever each and bust a gut laughing as you try and get round the course without hitting the markers or spinning out. Frustrating, funny and brilliant for banter, Powerturns are the best thing to hit the Nottingham driving scene since Rage buggies.

Stag Party Sessions Include:

  • 1 hour of drive time
  • Briefing and instruction
  • Vehicle hire
  • Safety gear

Rage Buggies

Blow off steam and get the adrenaline up with off road karting. Stag parties up for a proper challenge in the great outdoors won't be disappointed with our Nottingham driving site. It's stuffed with humps, bumps and mud jumps. Get behind the wheel and unleash the demon driver within!

Enjoy 45 minutes of off road karting action in Rage Buggies with 660ccs of pure power. Around 200ccs more powerful than your bog standard karts, these rugged buggies can tackle pretty tough terrain.

The Buggy's have a full roll cage system with a 4 point harness to help ensure safety as you push this vehicle to the max. Teams can also have a pit crew which are to ensure the quick changeover of drivers, this can make or break your team's day.

Your group will compete individually if you are 1 team or in time trial's against your other teams for groups over 12.


  • 45 minutes session
  • Safety briefing
  • Instruction
  • Kart hire
  • Driving helmets, overalls and gloves

Micro Quads

The funniest thing on four wheels, micro quads are small but mighty! These tiny terrors may only hit a top speed of 17mph but with no traction and slick tyres, they're hilariously hard to control. Even the best driver in your stag party will send cones flying and corner like a five year-old.

On arrival at our Nottingham driving site you'll be welcomed, briefed and shown to your baby bikes. After a practice session on the 160cc micro quads, your stag party will be split into teams for the main event.

Go head-to-head in a series of mini motor challenges in the Nottinghamshire countryside. Conquer the slalom course, compete in time trials, dodge obstacles, bounce over bumpy terrain and avoid the penalty markers. Get those mobile cams fired up and ready to go. There are stacks of priceless photo opportunities with this one.

Which team will win the title of micro quad kings? Includes:

  • 1-hour session
  • Briefing and instruction
  • Micro quad hire
  • Safety helmets

Bungee Running

This is actual comedy genius! Bungee running was made for stag parties. The aim is simple: run as hard and fast as you can along our inflatable course before the mighty power of bungee snaps you back to the start.

All the action takes place at an activity centre just outside Nottingham. On arrival, our instructors will split your stag party into two teams and get a little competition going. One person from each team hits the bungee run at a time in a head-to-head battle for supremacy.

The stag to place his Velcro baton at the furthest point along the run wins the points.

If you crease up laughing at Total Wipeout, bungee running will be right up your street. The lads are unlikely to have tried anything as mad as this on a stag do.

VIP Night Club Entry

No man wants to spend his stag night queuing. With a nightclub entry under your belt, you can stroll past the long lines and get past the red velvet rope in record time.

We'll sort you out with guaranteed queue jump entry to Nottingham's hottest nightclub. It's packed every weekend with queues stretching round the block. You'll avoid all the pesky pairing up and fannying about that usually goes with getting into a decent nightclub.

Located slap bang in the heart of Nottingham, the venue is actually two clubs in one, with four bars in six themed rooms, including a New York-style disco and a French boudoir. This place holds over 2,500 people and the weekend sessions feature everything from huge house anthems to electro, RnB, hip-hop and good old 80s classics.

Ask us about reserved booths and drinks packages for your party. This can be added on at an additional cost to get your night off to a great start!

Nightclub entry will make the whole stag night simple. Everyone stays together for an epic blowout.

2 Nights Accommodation

If you're hunting for a great deal on two nights' accommodation in Nottingham for a stag weekend, you're in luck. Our offices are here so we really do know our shizzle when it comes to hotels, hostels and city apartments. Why trust a hotel search site when you can deal with an actual person who knows what the city's hotels are really like?

We do everything from boutique hotels in the Lace Market to budget independent hotels in Sherwood, which is just a 5-minute drive from the city centre. Let us know how much you can spend, who's coming and when you want to stay. Our crack team of stag party planners will get on the case and find a deal on two nights' accommodation in Nottingham that does the business.

Location is everything when you're on a stag weekend. Nottingham city centre is always a winner, as that's where you'll find all of the most popular bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Stay next to Nottingham Castle and be near Old Market Square or go for a tried and trusted 3* hotel a 5-minute walk from Nottingham Railway Station and half an hour from the East Midlands Airport.


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From Only £152.00 Per Person

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