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Package Includes

  • Body Sphering
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Beer Burger and Babes
  • 2 Nights Surf Lodge Accommodation

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From Only £167.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Body Sphering

Remember British Bulldog? Thought Run the Gauntlet was a thing of the past? Think again! We've found the best hangover cure in Newquay, and it's all about going back to the schoolyard. Only on the beach. With a bunch of genuine mentalists running the games. Boys, welcome to the most fun a stag party can have by the seaside!

The 'bumper' in Bumper Ball Games refers to the inflatable Zorb you will be wearing while you take part in the games. Run for the opposition's home area with just your legs free, bounce around in the sand and get bulldogged by the groom's dad. You'll be so busy laughing you won't no what's hit you!

The staff who run the Body Sphering are a bunch of loonies, legendary for their ability to get very fragile stag parties back in the mood for fun. With Newquay famed for its epic nights out, you'll need something special to rediscover your enthusiasm on day two. This is the perfect solution.

In between crazy bouts of Bulldog, Across the German Lines or Run the Gauntlet, you'll get the chance to splash around in the ocean. Newquay is blessed with some of the warmest water and most beautiful beaches in the UK. Enjoy!

Sumo Wrestling

Friday night in Newquay knocked the stuffing out of you? Fear not! One of the comments we hear most frequently about beach sumo is that it's guaranteed to put a smile on even the most hungover groom's face! That, and it's crazier than a bag of rats. If you're looking for something different to do on your stag weekend, you just found it...

Beach sumo has all the classic ingredients for a surprise winner: a secluded cove, brilliant hosts and massive inflatable ball suits. With a sumo mat as the centre of attention, your team of hungover heroes gets dressed up in giant Zorbs, leaving only the legs free, and enters the fray! Winner is the last man standing in the ring. And that's not easy when you're laughing so hard stuff comes out of your nose.

The staff running Newquay beach sumo are as crazy as the game, and a have a reputation for getting even the most jaded stag back on his feet. Energetic, frenetic and completely off the wall, beach sumo is the ultimate activity for unleashing the inner kid, getting over a morning head and getting back into the stag weekend groove!

With plenty of space to run around in, and an ocean practically to yourselves, there's no excuse for not getting involved. Quit moaning about your headaches and get amongst it!

Beer Burger and Babes

Sometimes, a man likes to keep things simple. This package was born to please!

Put the key ingredients of your stag party together in one great night, which begins with beer and burgers and ends with a load of fully naked ladies giving the boys a special dance. Delicious, nutritious and absolutely essential!

We've got you a table at one of Newquay's favourite clubs, which doubles as a bar and kitchen in the evening. Nosh on a whopping great homemade burger with all the sides. Sink a free beer. Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere of the beachside bar, and enjoy entry to the best lap dancing club in town as the night warms up!

The lap dancing club is well stocked with everything you need for a corker of an evening. Settle in with some chilled beers, knock off a few rounds of shots and don't forget to toast the man of the moment with a bottle of champers. Just make sure you stay sober enough to enjoy the show. We're talking lissom lovelies who spend their days toning and tanning in the sea and on the beach - and their nights chucking their clothes off so you can gaze at their perfect bods!

This is a Newquay stag party must. Eat, drink and be very merry indeed.

2 Nights Surf Lodge Accommodation

Surf lodge accommodation was made for Newquay stag weekends. Cornwall's answer to the hostel is just the job for a lads' weekend. If you're planning a budget stag and just want somewhere to crash, this is the way to go. Newquay's answer to the hostel has basic but clean ensuite rooms with bunk beds and bed linen. Keep it simple, save money, and stay in surf lodge accommodation located near the most famous beaches and nightlife. There's no curfew, come and go as you please.

This is basically Newquay's take on the hostel. Popular with big groups, surf lodge accommodation is perfect if you just want to party. Newquay stag weekends can get pretty messy, why waste money on a swanky hotel you'll hardly be in?

In brief:

  • 2 nights in surf lodge accommodation
  • Near Newquay's big beaches, bars and clubs
  • Big groups welcome
  • No curfew

*Details may vary slightly between lodges. Your stag party planner will give you full details when you book.


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From Only £167.00 Per Person

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