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For a stag party that sizzles in more ways than one, look no further than our steak and strip night!

Held at one of Newquay's hottest beachside clubs, this cracker of an evening activity wraps up the most important elements of the weekend in one killer package. Food, booze and boobs are all on the menu. Start your evening with a quality two course meal, including a sizzling steak platter, knock back one too many beers in honour of the main main and gawp at beach babes in the nod!

You'll want to stay sober enough to see what's going on when you finish your stag party meal and head into the lap dancing club for dessert! In addition to the public entertainment, there's a fully nude dance on the menu for the boys. Definitely don't tell the Mrs, and definitely do have seconds.

Best men, this one's especially for you. Why worry about sorting the different bits of a stag classic, when we can do it all on your behalf? Just say the word, and we'll arrange for the lads to get a bellyful and an eyeful in one epic night.

What can we say? Coming to Newquay and not seeing naked lady bits would be a crime. Don't miss out!