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Body Sperhing Stag Do Package in Newquay
Body Sphering in Newquay

Body Sperhing

Now From £ 107.00 Per Person

Body Sphering

Remember British Bulldog? Thought Run the Gauntlet was a thing of the past? Think again! We’ve found the best hangover cure in Newquay, and it’s all about going back to the schoolyard. Only on the beach. With a bunch of genuine mentalists running the games. Boys, welcome to the most fun a stag party can have by the seaside!

The “bumper” in Bumper Ball Games refers to the inflatable Zorb you will be wearing while you take part in the games. Run for the opposition’s home area with just your legs free, bounce around in the sand and get bulldogged by the groom’s dad. You’ll be so busy laughing you won’t no what’s hit you!

The staff who run the Body Sphering are a bunch of loonies, legendary for their ability to get very fragile stag parties back in the mood for fun. With Newquay famed for its epic nights out, you’ll need something special to rediscover your enthusiasm on day two. This is the perfect solution.

In between crazy bouts of Bulldog, Across the German Lines or Run the Gauntlet, you’ll get the chance to splash around in the ocean. Newquay is blessed with some of the warmest water and most beautiful beaches in the UK. Enjoy! 

BBQ in Newquay


A Newquay stag weekend without a beach BBQ would be like Wigan without pies, Devon without cream teas; you see where we're going with this! In short, it's mandatory to stuff your chops with chargrilled meat and burgers when in Newquay, and if you're not doing it on the beach then you're letting the side down.

Down in Surfsville, UK, cooking out on the beach is pretty much a rite of passage. At the first sign of a warm evening the locals are out in force, fresh from carving the living crap out of the best waves in the country.

If you've come down to Newquay looking for the authentic surfer experience, you owe it to your stag party to get involved. Flip flops, boardies and a lax attitude to debauchery are the order of the day.

There's no fannying around with disposable BBQs and singing eyebrows with liquid paraffin like dad did back in the day. You won't have to lift a finger. We'll arrange for a beach BBQ to magically appear before you.

Tuck into chargrilled chicken, burgers, vegetable kebabs and a bunch of salads fresh buns and sauces. And don't forget to drink your own height in beer. You are on a stag weekend in the party capital of the Southwest, after all. People'll think you're a bit weird if you're not absolutely leathered by 10pm. At least with all the food, you'll get one decent meal during your stag weekend in Newquay!

Accommodation in Newquay


Fancy staying in a surf lodge for your stag weekend? How about one of Newquay's impressive old sea front hotels, or a cheap and welcoming bed and breakfast? Whatever your dream stag party accommodation, we've got the options that make sense.

Get your stag party into the best hotels, onto the funkiest campsites and in with the coolest hostels in the UK capital of water sports. From hostels run by colourful surf bums to five star opulence in grand hotels or modern apartments, we'll find you the perfect stag accommodation for your weekend in Newquay.

What's it to be - onsite swimming pool, bar that never shuts, location right on the beach? Give us your must-haves and your budget, and we'll do the rest.

No more hassle, no more worrying whether you've gone for the right option. We've tried and tested out hotel, hostel, campsite and B&B options to bring you the best at every price level. Budget stag accommodation gives you no frills security and somewhere to sleep: top of the range means all the stops pulled out for a weekend of living high on the hog.

We'll help you pick accommodation that puts you right in amongst it, or a place out overlooking the sea.

Prices are based on 2 nights’ accommodation. Minimum of 2 nights stay is required in Newquay.

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Body Sperhing

From £ 107.00 Per Person