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Package Includes

  • Indoor Paintballing
  • Bar and Club Entry
  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • 1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

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From Only £98.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Indoor Paintballing

Fed up of standard paintball sessions? Don't want to worry about rain on the big Saturday afternoon of your stag weekend? Swap camo gear and mud for zombies and mutants in this epic indoor paintball experience!

It's 2025. The nuclear apocalypse has finally happened, razing much of Manchester to the ground. Only a small portion of the city remains, walled in by the survivors to protect themselves from freaks and the undead horrors roaming the land. Using your wits (and 100 paintballs), can you survive as they breach the fortifications and roam the wasted streets?

Over 30,000 sq feet of awesomely designed urban terrain, you'll battle it out with your mates and the monsters of the apocalypse in a series of hardcore games! Can you break your comrades out of jail before a mad jury sends them to their deaths? Will you hit the mutant in the heart and stop him in his tracks, or fire wide of the mark and get stomped?

From redesigned games of Flag Capture and Stag Hunt to an awesome zombie attack, Manchester's indoor paintball option is truly nail-biting. You'll be quoting your favourite lines from Xbox and Playstation classics in no time. Come get some.

In a nutshell:

  • 100 paintballs
  • Original game scenarios
  • Play a selection of apocalypse-themed challenges
  • Players are not guaranteed to complete all game scenarios in the allotted time

Bar and Club Entry

Why waste precious beer time trying to work out which of Manchester's bars and clubs are the best? Our guaranteed stag party entry pass does all the hard work for you!

It's not just a one-way ticket to the most popular (and stag-friendly) venues in the city - this unique pass means you're definitely, positively, absolutely going to get in wherever you go. As long as the bar or club is on the list, and as long as you're turned out appropriately and not mega-wasted, the velvet rope will be whipped aside for you lot in double-quick fashion!

We've all spent hours arguing with massive bouncers, trying to talk them into letting a big group of lads into a heaving bar. Well, now all you have to do is flash a special code and try not to look smug. Simply rock and roll in a group, show your pass at the reserved entrance, and carry on with the evening. Other lads will go green with envy when they realise you're getting A list treatment at every stop on the stag party circuit!

Manchester's big party areas get super-busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Without some way of guaranteeing entry to the ones where all the ladies go, how are you ever going to get in? You know the score, gents. Get smart, get organised, and go where you want on the big night out!

In a nutshell:

  • Party pass to Manchester's most popular venues

Lap Dancing Club Entry

Spend your stag night at one of Manchester's classier lap dancing clubs. We know this place (tough gig but we smashed it!) and you're in for a legendary last night of freedom. It's a proper gentleman's club with outrageously hot girls from all corners of the globe performing fully nude lap dances.

This is more than just a lap dancing club, it's a stag party paradise! Located in the middle of Manchester near big landmarks like the railway station and Opera House, it's got HD screens showing major sporting events so you needn't miss a moment.

Add realistic bar prices, live strip shows, private booths and unbelievable pole routines to the mix and you've got a very tasty prospect.

Avoid the seedy backstreet strip joints and give the groom an epic stag night at a tried and trusted venue that's renowned for supplying a more sophisticated take on adult entertainment. Even the biggest lap dancing club connoisseur will be impressed. This club is used to catering for stag parties and has the hottest girls in Manchester. Get acquainted.

Let's face it: resistance is useless! Give us the nod and we'll arrange lap dancing club entry for the whole stag party.

1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

Need quality beds and a killer breakfast? Sorted! We've scored you an awesome deal at this four star hotel, which is perfectly located for a single night stag do in Manchester.

You'll get everything you need here. Top rooms are kitted out with awesome beds, ensuite facilities and all the conveniences you'd expect from a four star accommodation option. Plus we've thrown in an epic breakfast, to get the lads back on form after a heavy night in the Printworks or the Northern Quarter.

Grab a hearty plate of man food, stock up on coffee and OJ, and get the chaps ready to face the day!

We check all of our hotels, to make sure they're stag do friendly and top of the line in every department. You won't find a duff room or badly-situated venue wherever you go. Many have inspired touches like 24 hour room service or snack bars, too, so you can quell those midnight munchies when you get back from the club.

Manchester is a thriving party town with a big hen and stag do scene. Expect to be sharing the hotel with like-minded lads and lasses, and get ready for a mint time! After all, this is the city that brought you 24 Hour Party People, Madchester and the whole 90s rave scene. Sleep is for the weak. But when you do finally make it to bed, it's nice to know you've got a good one.


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From Only £98.00 Per Person

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