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Dtv Shredder

DTV Shredder

You’ve done karting. You’ve hammered quads. Now it’s time for a new breed of driving activity – DTV Shredder! If you’re looking for fresh Manchester stag party ideas, this is where you start. Jump on mad machines with caterpillar tracks and Segway-style intuitive controls. Lean like you do on a skateboard or snowboard, and use the throttle to turn and take corners. Marshals will explain everything and give you live instruction via your helmets. Clever stuff.

Once you’re all up to speed and feeling confident, get out on the track and shred the living crap out of it. You need skill, a bit of flair, focus and guts to go the distance. It’s a mental and physical challenge that’s really intense and leaves you buzzing. Keeping your balance is half the battle, and it gets really challenging when you hit a few bumps and slip around on marshy ground. It rains loads in Manchester, which is just as well as the muddier it is, the more fun you’ll have.

One of the more intense Manchester stag party driving activities, DTV Shredder is a winner with petrol heads and gadget geeks. Get on and give it some throttle!

In brief:

  • Take DTV Shredders round an off-road trail
  • Snowboard and Segway hybrid with caterpillar treads
  • Shredders can handle sand, marsh, snow, grass and mud
  • Instructors show you what to do
  • All equipment is provided

Price available on quote.

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