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Knife Throwing

Knife Throwing

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Now here’s something you don’t get to try every day: throwing knives. Stag party activities don’t get any manlier than this, folks! Only available in a couple of locations including Liverpool, it requires serious skill and a keen eye. This is old school target shooting that’ll send the testosterone levels right off the charts. Have a go at mastering the skill of a true warrior! If you like the sound of a Game of Thrones-style stag, check it out.

Trained professionals will be on hand to make sure the throwing knives don’t end up stuck in the stag’s head!

Make your way over to a multi-activity site on the Wirral, a short car journey from Liverpool city centre. On arrival, the whole stag party gets a briefing and then the instructors bring out the different throwing knives. Get a feel for their size and weight before the round-robin event.

Have a go at handle-heavy, blade-heavy and balanced throwing knives. During a first lesson you’ll learn how to stand, hold the knife, find your throwing line, step to it with your lead foot and then release and follow through. It needs hit the target so hard it shakes!

Obviously turned up for throwing knives smashed is a no-no so probably best to do this before the big stag night booze-athon rather than the morning after!

Price available on quote.

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