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Package Includes

  • Indoor Karting
  • Paintballing
  • Night Club Entry
  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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From Only £163.00 Per Person

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Activities Included in This Package

Indoor Karting

Get serious about karting in this ultimate stag weekend event! In this state of the art kart complex just a short drive from the centre of Liverpool, your stag party gets to go head to head in a piston-pumping, all action race for glory.

Compete in an ongoing hen and stag endurance event, complete with every-second-counts pit changes and LeMans style scoring. Or enter a Grand Prix, which includes two 15 minute track sessions: the first is a timed qualifier, and the second is a grand final, where the fastest drivers from qualifying vie for the top spot!

1km of track, 35 corners and three interlocking levels of circuit combine to make this the most intense indoor karting experience we've ever seen. The track features bridges, tunnels, flyovers and wild bends - and on the straights, the petrol powered Biz LeMans 200cc karts can hit speeds of 40mph.

Go karting has always been a classic stag party event. Now, it's achieved legendary status. Can you handle it?

In a nutshell:

  • World class indoor go kart track near Liverpool
  • LeMans endurance races for stags and hens
  • Grand Prix events
  • Optional pink suit for the stag
  • Onsite bar
  • Briefing and equipment


Give the big man a killer stag do at the North West's premier paintballing arena. Located a short drive from Liverpool city centre, this woodland site has dense natural cover, hills, trenches, barricades and strategically placed obstacles. Let battle commence!

Split into teams and go ballistic with a no-holds-barred, guts and glory quest for dominance. Your stag party will play up to four speed and strategy games in different zones of the site. There's a Call of Duty legend in all of us - now you get the chance to live the game for real!

No moaning about hangovers and old back injuries. Prisoners won't be taken and no mercy will be shown. Gather the troops, suit up and unleash hell with state-of-the-art semi-automatic markers. It would be rude not to gang up on the groom at least once during the afternoon, so put your heads together in secret while he's otherwise occupied, and get ready to colour him in like a massive painted rainbow.

Roll call takes place at 10am. Be there, or you'll never be able to show your face in the pub again.

Paintballing in Liverpool Includes:

  • Mission briefing
  • 4 games
  • 100 balls per person (dependant on time & package, plus more available to purchase on site)
  • Semi-automatic markers
  • Camo gear and goggles

Night Club Entry

Get nightclub entry sorted before hitting Liverpool and avoid an epic fail. Being turned away by the bouncers can turn a successful stag night sour. Allow us to arrange entry in advance and cover all bases. You'll march straight past the hoi poloi and into club central. Banging.

We only send our stag parties to clubs we'd go to. No sticky carpets, dodgy DJs or tinny sound systems. Your group will get the full-on Liverpool clubbing experience at a quality club with multiple dancefloors, bars and decent décor. The Liverpudlians known how to party, so we've followed them to one of their favourite haunts and we can tell you, there's nothing here except awesome.

Located slap bang in the heart of Liverpool, the club we have in mind for your stag night has a late bar, cracking sound system and pulls in a friendly, up-for-it crowd every weekend. We're talking spectacularly hot Liver birds, shaking and grinding to the latest floor fillers. Get on it.

There's no sense in leaving the biggest night of your life to chance. Get the centrepiece of your stag weekend sorted out before you even hit Liverpool, and you can hit the town feeling totally relaxed and ready to rock.

Lap Dancing Club Entry

If you think a stag night without gorgeous girls in tiny pants would be bad form, give us the nod and we'll sort lap dancing club entry to Liverpool's finest. Grab a beer, sit back and admire the view.

Why arrange lap dancing club entry in advance, we hear you cry? Well, for starters it makes life a lot simpler on a stag night. You won't fall into the trap of hitting a seedy club down a back street that charges a king's ransom for 'champagne'. Instead, you'll know that your stag weekend has already got the most important piece of entertainment sorted right from the off. No messing, no arguments and no disappointingly aged strippers. This is the real deal, patronised by some of the most well-heeled gents in the city.

Located in Liverpool city centre, the lap dancing club we send our stag parties to is a classy establishment. Think friendly dancers, a late bar that charges realistic drinks prices, and regular live shows. You'll see things you've never seen before, in positions you didn't think possible. Who knows? You might go home with an idea or two to pass on to the Mrs. Just don't tell her where you got them!


  • Fast track entry


Liverpool's lively mix of culture and hedonism is the perfect backdrop for a stag weekend - but what about the perfect place to sleep? Let us arrange your accommodation along with your activities and party passes, and all you'll have left to worry about is staying sober enough to appreciate the strippers.

There are some brilliant accommodation choices to be had in Liverpool, from funky modern mini-hotels to great sprawling behemoths of opulent indulgence. The city's well stocked with hostels, smart midrange hotels and alternative budget options too. Whatever you want, and wherever you want to be in the city, we'll use our contacts to get you stag party discounts.

Looking for a hip place to sleep near Seel Street? After an upmarket crash pad round the corner from Tithebarn Street? Or just want a reliable, no nonsense room somewhere you can roll in hammered at 6am? Give us your budget, your preferred location and the kind of accommodation you're looking for. We'll do the rest.

Don't worry if you don't know where in Liverpool you want to be, either. Our expert stag weekend advisers know where all the party areas are, and where you need to stay if you want in on the action. Put accommodation in your package and relax.


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From Only £163.00 Per Person

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